Microsoft Raises Kinect Forecast to 5 Million Units

Microsoft has upped its Holiday sales predictions for Kinect; according to Bloomberg’s news tech reporter Dina Bass, the giant now expects to shift 5 million units during the holiday season.

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gigaware2696d ago

I LOL at the 3 mill. 3 mill will sell in a week or less.

8-bit2696d ago

I LOL at your optimism. We will see how you feel about Kinect this time next year when it's collecting dust in the bargain bin.

Hardbladestone2696d ago

how many are they going to give away at Bk

Nitrowolf22696d ago

idk the commercial claim every 15 min

nickjkl2696d ago

for how many days because at the moment its 96 a day

Anton Chigurh2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

I hope they are wrong but it seems like the Kinect is going to the top.

testerg352696d ago

LOL.. so you guys are so worried about Kinect that you're even counting the BK giveaways?

maawdawg2696d ago

"how many are they going to give away at Bk"

just under 2700 are being given away by BK if you look at the fine print for that promotion. Those wouldn't fall under "sales expectations" anyway.

darthv722696d ago

nothing wrong with being optimistic about things. Considering there is already so much pessimism and negativity in this industry.

People still have a hard time accepting the wii and yet it is still selling. Up or down on the sales still sells.

Acceptance, why is that so hard to handle? I can accept the wii and move and kinect yet others are so dead set against anything other than what matters to them.

Fine with them but dont go ridiculing others for having a difference of opinion. That is just human nature.

And yes...I know you didnt ridicule giga's comment but I am making a generalized statement at the current state of things.

I have to get off this soap box, I got laundry to do.

VINNIEPAZ2696d ago

"I LOL at your optimism. We will see how you feel about Kinect this time next year when it's collecting dust in the bargain bin."

Can I borrow ya time machine?

You (like the other 500 PS3 trolls) just cant help but troll E-V-E-R-Y kinect topic can you, the butt hurt must be overbearing by now.

120FPS2696d ago

And i will LOL at the faces you pull whilst your munching on that humble pie

Active Reload2696d ago

I like how 8bit just changed the overall reason for replying to that person. Let me point it out to folks. gigaware says Kinect will sell 3 million in a week or less, then 8bit changes the whole conversation to what no one really knows will happen next year. This is why these petty arguments occur, because people get emotinal and attempt to troll someone else's comment. I don't mind if the mods delete me and 8 bits statements.

JasonPC360PS3Wii2695d ago

From 3 to 5 million LOL PS3 fanboys nerves are just about shot, take a xanex guys before you die from anxiety.

edgeofblade2695d ago

Love this.

Mere hours until the counter-hypers choke on their own words.

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DJMarty2696d ago ShowReplies(3)
tinybigman2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

the cheerleading in here is strong you'd think M$ was giving each and every one of you a cut of any of the money they make off of this thing lol.

you know i could actually picture some of you here taking someone hostage if M$ told you too lol. you all sound like those devoted followers who live off the grid.

do you guys gather around the camp fire in those crazy looking robes?

one last question if kinect goes on to sell well will you guys get on with your lives, sleep better at night?

8thnightvolley2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

i bet alot of of ps3 trolls are doing this coz of this positive kinect news and screaming NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Pillville2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

No, that should be the 360 fans. Kinect is the end of their platform as they know it.

I have a 360 and I'm spending all my time on it playing Fallout NV, but I'm not getting Kinect and not sure what games I'll be buying for 360 after that.

Kinect affects my PS3 in no way.

tinybigman2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

i doubt they are, but if it makes you feel better to believe so go ahead and keep thinking that. wow whatever happened to the days of owning multiple systems?

good question here if M$ never got into the gaming business would you M$ cultist(not the sane ones) still be playing videogames?

2696d ago
8thnightvolley2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

come on dont take it personal... looool.. see i have both consoles but i am more of a 360 gamer kinect singing all casual doesnt bother me why? coz at the end of the day there are bucket load of hardcore games that are coming to the system and from gears3 to heaven kingdom by crytek to black ops as it is i have been so busy i have a backlog of 10 games i need to play from castlevennia to enslaved and the list keeps going, 360 has always had the slogan of super hardcore and in such sense scared most casual away from the console as far as i see it MS is a business company and so getting the best of sales from both casual and hardcore is both beneficial for the business so they have the hardcore and they have alot of 3rd party devs already making games for the 360 hell its what the 360 does now r days with the 3rd parties and that aint stopping anytime soon so making kinect a casual announcement is only best to welcome casual to the fluffy crap side of the console which to me is fine they can kinect all they want i will be happy with my controller thank you, and when someone with some serious brain can combine the kinect and controller then u can count me in ORRRR.. make some kinect game that has to play with motion but its some serious hardcore stuff what ever it maybe and (so far i have heard of 5 games which were announced on TGS 2010 for kinect on a hardcore level)

and another point i would like to stress is the term core gamers" many ppl done get the meaning of this and i will tell them what a core gamer is someone that goes in dept with gaming more like a game freak of some sort not ppl that like to kill or shoot..

kinect will get more shovelware trust me and there will be alot of good devs that will come up with something smart i so far knw THQ whom stated to spend 40 mill on a kinect game once it sells well http://www.computerandvideo...

So all this screaming and saying oh no 360 is doomed here and ther no more hardcore game is total BS!!!!!

if u really think THQ are the only ones thinking about this kind of investment u are heavily mistakened there are lots of publishers that see this thing as a cash cow. so to what i see happy days for MS... their bank will blow up with cash

and for all gamers casual and hardcore.. HELL YEAHH.. bring on the games baby... son and daughter go play with kitty on the scream ... i am going to the room to play kinect kamasutra with mommy.. OHH YEAHHH

Active Reload2696d ago

@tinybigman, if MS didn't get into the gaming business, what would the PS3 actually be like? Great question, I know.

8thnightvolley2696d ago

nice question... HATE IT OR LOVE IT.. MS has seriously change the destiny of gaming and make it step up in gear seriously. competition breeds better products... its a 101 fact of anything

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The_Claw2695d ago

funny how the xbots claimed the wii didnt count because it was "a motion control gimmick" but now motion control is the best thing since sliced bread. kinda how 3D was a "gimmick" until the announcement that black ops is in 3D.

Bigpappy2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

The fanboys do it and the company itself does it. It is a Sony thing to try and bash other products to make theirs seem more applealing. Both corporate and fanbase do it all the time. Kind of sickening if you ask me. Okay you don't have to ask me. I volunteer this criticism.

JokesOnYou2695d ago

I thought they should be lowering their forecast since all the "sellout" talk is just hype. Weird? lol

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Omega42696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Wow preorders must really be through the roof if they increased their estimation by 2ml.

There is no way MS would be limiting stock if they want to reach 5ml.

Exactly, if MS could produce Kinects as fast as they could a game disc it could easily sell on par with Halo: Reach.

gigaware2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Yeah I was going to add that in my first post. The demand and supply issues forced them to change the number. 3 mill was way too small Kinect will sell like a system selling block buster AAA game on the 360.

gamingdroid2696d ago

So much for limited stock at retailers. It now seems instead that MS will have to push out as many units as they can to meet their sales target that just increased 66%!

gamingdroid2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Posted to wrong section, see below!

Christopher2696d ago

This just means that the current 'shortage' is a planned shortage. There's no way they just mystically up the number from 3m to 5m and not have the stock all ready to back it up.

I'm interested to see the results from the first week of sales. I expect them to be pretty big with the marketing Microsoft is using. Sony really needs to hire some better marketers if they keep letting Microsoft take all the notice in the market.

tinybigman2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

i dont care about M$ advertising as a knowledgeable gamer i know what games are coming; which ones i want to buy and play. only those who know nothing need the ads.

i know what i'm getting for the Wii
i know what i'm getting for the PS3
i know what i'm getting for the 360, which kinect isn't part of.

the way i see it the core gamer should have what the hell is going on in gaming, only the extreme casuals in my eyes should be asking questions.

Christopher2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

That's the thing, tinybigman, the general public isn't knowledgeable. They wait for people to tell them what they want, they don't seek out what they want on their own.

gamingdroid2696d ago

No, it means they sold out of current stock and expect to sell more than anticipated.

It makes no sense to create artificial shortages when demand is already high. Going from 3 million to 5 million units is a huge leap.

In fact, if anything it seems Sony is the one creating artificial shortages. They stated that they sold one million "units" of PS Move, yet supposedly there is low stock. That means they barely produced any... or they are withholding stock?

Christopher2695d ago

@gamingdroid: We've heard of shortage issues with Kinect since the week after Move was released. If this wasn't a planned shortage, they would have already shipped new stock from local warehouses to the stores with stock issues.

gamingdroid2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

I don't recall Kinect already running out the week after PS Move's release. Regardless a month or two is hardly enough time to ramp up production, package and ship it to stores in time.

Kinect units don't magically appear in the warehouse, they have to be manufactured and assembled with parts from many vendors.

I believe that if MS up their sales projection like that, they must be very confident. You can play around with shortages and stuff, but there is no real way around not meeting your sales target!

Therefore it doesn't make sense to limit stock when there is strong demand!

Nintendo was spending ample amount of time trying to increase their Wii manufacturing so why would you think MS could do the same in considerably less time?

Christopher2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

***I don't recall Kinect already running out the week after PS Move's release. Regardless a month or two is hardly enough time to ramp up production, package and ship it to stores in time. ***

Now you're kind of conflicting what Microsoft is saying. If a month or two is hardly enough time to ramp up production, then how do they plan to meet demand by this Holiday season? You can't say that they are raising their sales expectations for the Holiday and then also say they wouldn't be able to supply more to meet those demands in the time needed.

Honestly, I know you want to believe that Microsoft doesn't practice typical marketing methods to increase demand for their products, but there's no two ways about this. If Microsoft is able to expand their Holiday sales expectations by 2m, then they already have enough stock on hand to support such a demand because they would be unable to immediately produce, package, and ship quantities to meet those demands within the time expected.

And, while Wii was claiming to not be able to keep up with manufacturing expectations, two years in a row nonetheless, the truth is that they were doing the exact same thing. Sony did the exact same thing with Move.


As far as statements of them being out of stock weeks ago?

Took me less than a minute to find that one that mentions both Amazon UK and GAME being unable to meet pre-order demands.

gamingdroid2695d ago

See now you are just twisting my words around or misunderstanding me.

"Now you're kind of conflicting what Microsoft is saying. If a month or two is hardly enough time to ramp up production, then how do they plan to meet demand by this Holiday season? You can't say that they are raising their sales expectations for the Holiday and then also say they wouldn't be able to supply more to meet those demands in the time needed.

No, I said no such thing. There is nothing preventing MS from expecting to have 5 million units in time for Christmas, doesn't mean they should all be available at launch day!

Typically you have a set units in mind before you go to manufacturing, then you ramp up production as it gets more stable and you get the yield you want.

"Honestly, I know you want to believe that Microsoft doesn't practice typical marketing methods to increase demand for their products, but there's no two ways about this."

I'm sure MS do, but I don't believe for one second that they are willing to leave that many unsold units on the table. If you look at the sales chart, pre-orders for Kinect has been strong ever since it appeard on the list. You can't easily manipulate that chart.

... and no MS is no saint, and I wouldn't believe that about any company.

I strongly believe that Nintendo had supply issues for entire time, but do you want to risk over producing. Once you ramp up production, you don't just shut it down because you will have a huge backlog of parts.

"Took me less than a minute to find that one that mentions both Amazon UK and GAME being unable to meet pre-order demands."

That was posted in October. You said the week after PS Move was released, which would have been September... and no I didn't bother searching, because it wasn't important to the discussion.

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SuperStrokey11232696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Oh my, thats telling people. Thats pretty bold of a statement if they are expecting it to really surge that much... i wonder if this is the beginning of the end of core gaming on the 360?

Is this a good thing or a bad thing for 360 fans? Wii type shovel ware coming to dominate the system soon?

Zir02696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Do you really think MS would stop making hardcore games when they make so much of them? Do you even know how much money Halo: Reach made?

Expanding their audience should only be seen as a good thing, since its more money for the industry, which is in decline.

Do you know who 343 Industries are?

saint_john_paul_ii2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

"Do you really think MS would stop making hardcore games when they make so much of them? Do you even know how much money Halo: Reach made?"

did you know bungie is done with Halo and left Microsoft?

500 million goes long ways, like 5-10 AAA games. or buy back Bungie.

air1_got_raped2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

we all dont know what 343 Industries is actually capable of. Besides, Bungie were the ones that created, and made the franchise what it is today. to hand off a franchise like that to another dev team is very risky, and its not the same.

BTW, 343 isnt going to be the saving grace of the 360. for every 1 xbox 360 exclusive there is, there are like 5 PS3 exclusives that have ratings of 85 and above. Microsoft needs more in-house devs. 500 Million just on Kinect advertising is just overkill and it could of went to over 5 AAA exlcusives.

SuperStrokey11232696d ago

MS is about making money, if they can make lots fo cheap casual games that make money they will likely cut back on some core games and shift development. It wont be the total end but i suspect a drastic drop off is coming.

iistuii2696d ago

In every Kinect post do I read it's the end of hardcore gaming on the 360 ?. Is COD, Gears, Fifa , Madden NFS etc etc etc still coming out ?, yeah of course they are, they are just ADDING another string to their bow, a casual side. Not a problem.

Christopher2696d ago

I'm just trying to imagine a two-stringed bow being as effective as a single-string bow... Not to say that you're overall concept is bad, but your analogy is kind of a bad one.

DiRtY2696d ago


Next year I will play Gears of War 3, Crysis 2, Bulletstorm, Haunt and Project Draco on my Xbox 360. Add Project Kingdom if it gets a 2011 release. That is only what I know right now.

So 6 titles, 2 Kinect, 4 regular titles and all are hardcore. Why do people still think there can't be a hardcore title on Kinect while they praise the ability to play games designed for a controller with Move as well?

BTT: Great for MS and Kinect. I think 10 - 12 million is possible for the end of 2011.

Dlacy13g2696d ago

Agreed...MS wants to pull in the casual market and then help expand them to the hardcore. Think back, this is why MS originally bought Rare. They were hoping Rare could help them catch that casual audience but unfortunately Rare wasn't its old self and MS saw that the controller was the gateway for many casual players.

On that is a very ballsy move to increase your expectation by 2million units!

vhero2696d ago

Erm because thanks to MS pumping all there money into Kinect now there exclusive list is pretty much dead in the water.. (there a few there but nothing really worth shouting about) MS I know really want a piece of the Wii pie but they are playing a dangerous game here shutting our their core audience.

SuperStrokey11232696d ago

I certainly wouldnt call FIFA or madden core but thats another matter. I just dont see how you can say that adding and focusing HUGELY on a casual side wont affect their core gaming side. Wait for the shovelware to come man, its coming and it will be by the boat load just like on the move and the wii.

msbabie200342696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

first to iis- i hope you are right. i am hoping that MS is just expanding their user base to include more "casuals"

to cgoodno and the rest of the ps3 debbie downers- do you guys really think that the success of the playstation brand solely rests on the "hardcore"? sony added casual "strings" to their bow as well.

the playstation brand has had games that appealed to "casual" and "hardcore" and well just in the last 2 months we see the launch of ps move, which may have some "core" games but it also has some casual ones too.

sure kinect at launch is geared towards the casuals, i don't deny that, but i don't think sorcery is, just like i don't think steel batallion is. my point is this- if kinect is the "end" of hardcore gaming on the 360, then i guess core gaming ended on ps a long time ago too right??

just funny how negative the ps3 fanboys are on here without actually thinking about what they are saying. sony is doing the same thing that MS is really. move is an add on peripheral just like kinect is. i don't see how both can't exist on each platform and core games can't exist along with these add ons.

i own a move, it works great, wished their was a good bowling game for it though, i won't buy kinect, don't have the space to play it anyways. i hope that "the end" of core games on the xbox brand isn't near, but if it IS thank god for competition i'll just cross that bridge when or if it is ever built. we will see.

but believe me, the causal market is a big one, but i really don't think MS or sony would depend on it solely. the core market is still strong, with sell success like halo reach recently, it just confirms to these companies that it is still a viable market that neither want to "lose".

nintendo gambled and won big this gen, next gen may not be the same way. one things for sure, let these companies keep competing and bringing out stuff, growing the market can't be all bad. if i feel left out like nintendo made me feel this gen, i got options still out there to satisfy my gaming needs.

MS does it, i'll be solely sony, if sony and MS does it, i'll go pc, if all those fail to me, i am going back to dirt bikes :) solely.

Dlacy13g2695d ago

You make a great point. Why would Sony or MS abandon the hardcore? The hardcore have got them to 40+ million units each. I think its safe to say both want to expand their reach and hold on to the install base they have. There will be plenty more Killzone's and Halo's to come so all the fanboys crying wolf about "casual" gaming killing the hardcore games can just stop and relax.

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ReBurn2696d ago

It's going to be interesting to see if Microsoft can live up to the hype.

PS360PCROCKS2696d ago

whoa 5 million? that's a lot. Does that include bundles as well?

Dlacy13g2696d ago

I don't think they have 5 million of just the camera units...besides...if that didnt include the bundles...that would be MEGA ballsy on their part.