Coming to PlayStation Plus [US]: Shatter, Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus, and DYNOGEMS

Grace Chen on the US PlayStation Blog writes:

"Hi everyone,

With the holidays quickly approaching, the PlayStation Plus team is working hard to deliver some great content for you to enjoy. We kicked it off yesterday by offering exclusive bundles for God of War I and God of War II that included skins for God of War III. On November 16, we’ll continue to deliver classics for all PlayStation Plus subscribers to enjoy."

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SuperStrokey11232788d ago

Thats actually pretty good i think. I usually rag on PS+ (im a member) but this coming update is actually not too bad.

scar202788d ago

Didn't awhile back they shaft a game i can't recall but they said it was for the best and that they would announce something big in november for ps plus.

rekof2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

It is a really good game,.. but I already have this one,..
Well I still already got my subscription worth,.. so I am not complaining,..

akiraburn2788d ago

Shatter was an amazing game, definitely awesome for anyone that doesn't have it. I still play it from time to time, just because it was such fun. Sadly, I personally haven't had much luck with free games on PS+ yet, as I've owned most of them already, but between the ones I didn't have, the free DLC, and through all the discounts, I've saved well over my initial subscription fee already (maybe almost double), and I still have another 13 months to get all sorts of goodness (I got the early subscription bonus of 3 free months).

Esena2788d ago

I agree. It is a bit of a bummer to see all the games I get for free through PS+ are ones I already bought in the past. But the service as a whole seems promising. Truthfully though, it has discouraged me to buy new PSN games...heh. I tend to just wait it out now to see if they'll be on PS+.