Too Late for the New Fender Rock Band 3 Guitar?

As expected, Fender officially announced the release date and price of their new Squier Rock Band 3 guitar. Oddly, the surprise came from the March 1st date of release rather than the $279.99 price tag. It may be a tough sell to fans almost six months after the game releases, especially since the Pro Mustang Guitar by Mad Catz that is available to play with the game now, has gotten such mediocre reviews.

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yarbie10002813d ago

Surprised they didn't have it ready for release

JLesinski2813d ago

Yeah, but hopefully they get guitar perfect before releasing it. Good for Fender

lostinplace2813d ago

Wow, 6 months after RB3 release? Surprising.

You can check out our video of this guitar in action at E3. Even if it is 6 months after release it looks like it still may be worth it.

lostinplace2813d ago

Yes, is there a prob..prob...prob...problem with that?

JonahFalcon2813d ago

It's fine. Harmonix knows people need to wait and save up for that guitar. The Rock Band Store is still hot, so they know people have patience.

DTMBSquid2813d ago

I seriously doubt the delay will hurt sales too much. If people buy DLC songs for years after the game releases, then they'll buy a guitar if they want it

xxxAnubisxxx2813d ago

I'm not so sure. I think missing the hype of initial release could prove a costly mistake

DTMBSquid2813d ago

Why, so little kids don't beg their parents for it? Please. This is an adult peripheral... no effect whatsoever on hype.

danielle0072813d ago

If someone loves RB / music games / music enough to spend almost $300 on this, then its value to them will not fade by March.

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