Opinion: Apple plays the console game

Apple is taking over the games market. One day soon your iPad will be a full replacement for your Xbox, Wii or PlayStation. It will run the latest games, the latest technologies and its processor will possess enough grunt to match any gaming console out there.

Think about it. Apple's already selling millions of games each month via the App Store, where games are the biggest-selling category.

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NAGNEWS2636d ago

not killzone or littlebigplanet, dream on bitch ;)

scar202636d ago

Ipad can never replace my ps3. Is this how girls gonna play thier ipad.

btk2636d ago

Apple is high margin toys. iPod is more expensive than its competitors. iPad as well. And they moved in when the market was not yet established and set the bar for those markets.

Consoles on the other hand is established. The Apple iPad is more of a danger to the Laptop market than the console market.