Lens of Truth - Head2Head: Medal of Honor Analysis

Lens of Truth writes ""You will not apologize! You will continue to destroy the enemy any way you can!" Welcome back everyone for yet another exciting and overdue Head2Head. This week we putMedal of Honor down our iron sites to expose any differences we found between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. As you'll see, the Lens of Truth staff has been hard at work ensuring our users are on top of their game with the latest analysis and screen shot comparison the industry has to offer. But before continuing, we'd like to dedicate this Head2Head to our users. We've read your comments and request about doing this Head2Head, and we wouldn't let you down. So come join us as we bring you to the front line of battle to see which version wins this week's Head2Head war."

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N4PS3G2666d ago

wasn't the PS3 the lead console?

units2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

lead doesnt automatically mean better

gigaware2666d ago

When PS3 beats the 360 it's because devs duct tape the 360 version in a hurry to get the game out after work on PS3 hardware.

goosepoose2666d ago

ja.everyone loses when shit like this happens

ShinMaster2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Yeah, where's the source on that? Was the PS3 really lead platform?

Even so. Both version are very similar: (I can see the sky in *mmhmm* version) (shadows are jaggier in *mmhmm* version, not as soft as they should be)

Information Minister2666d ago

@ Gigaware - Aren't you contradicting yourself by saying that games never look better on PS3 when it is the lead platform, and then claiming that "when PS3 beats the 360 it's because devs duct tape the 360 version in a hurry"? Or are you saying that PS3 only beats the 360 in games that had Microsoft's system as lead platform, which is another contradiction, because how would devs rush the lead platform?

Also, isn't it logical to assume that the opposite also happens and devs duct tape the PS3 version in a hurry? Bayonetta could be seen as strong evidence of that.

Anton Chigurh2666d ago

My fellow PS3 Owners we still have COD.

Perjoss2666d ago

"lead doesnt automatically mean better"

yeah, look what happened with Ghostbusters.

ExplosionSauce2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Ghostbusters wasn't lead on PS3. At least not for long.
(the info is out there somewhere)

I think it started out that way, then the project stalled or something and they switched console development.
Whatever development change they made messed it up.

But in general, whenever PS3 is lead both versions end up pretty equal.

lexington2663d ago

This proves that even with ps3hdwii as the lead that 360 can easily do ps3hdwii graphics and do them at a higher frame rate, better shadows, better resolution, and less dropped frames.
We should be doing shootouts between Wii and ps3hdwii. At least that would be more fair to the ps3hdwii.

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zootang2666d ago

Yeah and it looks better.

zootang2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

The picture of the door the shadow line there are plenty of jaggies on the 360 version compared to none on the PS3.
The guy sat in the car looks a lot better on the 360 with a lot of detail missing from the PS3 version.
The guy who looks like he is being run over, you can see the glare from the lights on the PS3 version but no lights at all on the 360 version.

So I take it back I'd call it a draw. PS3 wins though because of extra content. Just personal opinion, don't kill me.

ShinMaster2666d ago

You can actually see the sky in the PS3 version!

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vhero2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

PS3 wasn't the lead console nobody said it was.. It just got a free exclusive game. Trust one of the biggest 360 fanboys on here to say something like that though.. Anyways back on topic.. 360 seems to have more detail and PS3 better AA. So 360 wins in this but to be fair it looks good on both just like with 95% of multi-platform games and you would be happy with the game on either. The only advantage either console has is you can play online for free on ps3. That's it..

What I would like to point out is DICE are usually damn good at getting both PS3 and 360 spot on in comparisons especially as they used the BC2 engine minus the destruction part.. Oh and the fact they used a previous game engine is proof enough there is no lead platform as they would just build off the BC2 engine.

@OSU_Gamer it makes sense to every 360 gamer who has no subscription. They cannot play the online part of the game on 360 which is the biggest part of the game without paying a sub. I was trying to point out probably the smallest difference I could find as there really wasn't one but then you came along and made yourself look like a huge fanboy with that response thank you for showing your true colours. oh and everybody on N4G knows N4PS3G is at the top of the 360 fanboy list except for the 360 fanboys themselves of course.. The 1 bubble gives it away he got down to one bubble in a week..

OSU_Gamer2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

i already payed for XBL so including the price of the online service as a reason to pick a game on one console over the other makes ZERO sense

nice try....

In the mean time...please stop calling everyone else fanboys, when you try and stick something like that in your comment.

ShinMaster2666d ago

But you paid regardless, lol

OSU_Gamer2666d ago


Alright man, whatever you say, keep calling people fanboys when it is pretty evident where you stand when it comes to that matter.


so I does that affect my decision?

raztad2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

I dont remember a single article saying PS3 was the lead platform of MoH. However, judging by those screens the differences are quite minuscule so most likely the PS3 sku is not a port. I dont care, if at some point I get the money and time, I'll give this one a try. Too busy right now playing the incredible looking KZ3.

Tito082666d ago

It was developed basically as a PC and 360 engine, so it'll be a lot easier to work on the 360 using that engine, don't like that engine too much anyways!!!! Maybe it was leading development on PS3, unless EA lied!!!!

Theonik2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

It's an UE3 game, so no surprise. The 360 version seems to boast better textures at certain points but the PS3 has better shadow filtering.

-X-2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

I also think they also mentioned it in E3 that the PS3 will be the lead platform...or maybe some other video game convention.

Well anyways the 360 wins here. Smart move that the developers did to put the PS3 as the lead since the 360 already has the edge with the Unreal Engine.

Ju2666d ago

What does it matter which one was the lead platform.

Neither UE3 nor Frostbite have been made for the game, nor are they new. Both are know to either dev and the platforms (360 and PS3) have been harnessed since some time now.

In such an environment, neither is the lead.

-X-2666d ago

the UE3 was not made for MoH, but the UE3 has been made with the PC in mind, and the 360 is closer to the PC then the PS3 is.

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gigaware2666d ago

Man the differences are huge much bigger than the internet would have you believe when the game came out. It's no surprise though with such a high profile game, biased sites like and the examiner would be misleading gamers to keep Sony's rep from being tarnished.

Tempjf2666d ago

This H2H is awesome. Thanks LoT for another great comparison. It was great to see the comparison of both engines used in this game. Every other comparison was just from the single player. Again great job LoT staff

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donkeydoo2666d ago

goosepoose must feel like a tool because you last commit was perfect. @goosepoose you loose.

Sea_Man2666d ago

I'm really enjoying this game! I got it on the PS3 and I have no regrets! Thanks LOT!

divideby02666d ago

why anyone would DA you for your comment about buying and enjoying a game... just boggles the mind

vhero2666d ago

people come on here purely to troll thats why so when somebody does something like make a gamer comment they disagree..

karl2666d ago

yeah awesome game.. looks incredible on PS3

the campaing is a bit to short but it was really fun

especially the helicopter scene