Sony's New Blu-ray Beasts

Sony's coming on thick and fast with the announcements at IFA. After dropping an iTunes friendly set of Walkmans, they've just announced two sharp new BluRay players.

The S300 clocks in at a PS3 beating £399, with the S500 fetching a heftier £599. Both have Full HD shoehorned under the bonnet, Dolby True HD and 1080p upscasling.

Best of all, it'll handle movies at a cinema style 24 frames per second. Slap it into a new Bravia X series, which also plays nice with the same frame rate and you've got the flicks in your front room

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sfinXters3587d ago

Too expensive. Blu ray really needs a budget player.

RealityCheck3587d ago

True Blu-ray needs a cheaper player but it will come from other manufacturers.

Sony is moving in the right direction with lower prices, you just can't expect them to have the cheapest player out there. They never do since it's not their way, quality is their game.

cloud3603587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

If sony wins the format war it means theywill win the VG since they wont allow the 360 to carry blu-ray right...

codeazrael3587d ago

Sony has no say, neither do Toshiba or anyone else.

Rageanitus3587d ago

IMO we rarely see electronics from them that look ugly.

But the look of the player does not look high tech.

TriggerHappy3587d ago

Bubbles for you, I lol'ed at your comment.

Remember though, features come first.

reaferfore203587d ago

wait until the combo players are less than a thousand dollars

ITR3587d ago

So approx. a grand or above a grand for these new BD players.

The new A35 costs $499 and thats for the top Toshiba HD DVD model coming in Oct.
A3 $299, A30 $399.

Sony needs a cheaper BD player besides the PS3.

rbanke3587d ago

I'm confused how 399 and 599 are 'a grand or above a grand for these new BD players.'

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