Lair review: 4/10 from Wired

If you're looking for a game to justify your purchase of the $600 PlayStation 3, rest assured that Lair is not it. Although the premise (fly a dragon through a war-torn medieval world and take down your enemies with your flaming breath and razor-sharp claws) is enticing, the execution is so sloppy and unsatisfying that it makes for a thoroughly unfun videogame.

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MK_Red4127d ago

Wow, they really didn't like it. I have trust Wired but I also trust Factor 5 and have faithg in Lair and not matter what, these reviews won't make me any less excited about the game. Still, sad to see this review and low score.

B3YOND4127d ago

WIRED: Lair shoots for the moon

TIRED: And flies straight into the sun

They're pretty funny.

MK_Red4127d ago

I didn't like the review but gotta agree with you, funny Wired/Tired part.

TriggerHappy4127d ago

Haven't played lair, but so far I thnk, is one of those games that you either hate it or love it based on the controls

Skynetone4127d ago

egm a six and this a four, the highest ive seen is a eight

the fact that he said the later levels or so frustrating that you'ed only play through once is enough for me to pass on this game

SlappyMcTaint4126d ago

This reviewer sounds certifiably retarded! He's just angry he can't figure out the controls -poor little him with no hand-eye coordination.

This is hardly news -except to the xbots who post these stories as another way to bash PS3.

nasim4126d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

wired is the website that gave BLUE DARGON a 9.5

so wired/gamertv are just like EGM/1up and GAMESPOT

LAIR reviews so far

9.0 from PLAY (highest)

8.0 from PSW


7.5 from GAMEPRO( review of 1 year old version)

6 from IGN

6 from GAMER TV

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tchat10014127d ago

i see smoke coming from this article!

chitown4127d ago

wow thats a pretty damn harsh review... maybe they dont have the final build???????

peksi4126d ago

Or the person hardly played it. What kind of a review is that? A few paragraphs of swearing and nothing about the game's graphics, sounds, missions, characters.. all the things I expect from a rewiew. I'd call that an opinion instead of a review.

icechai4127d ago

They couldn't control the dragon:

"The first and biggest mistake that Lair's designers made is to require the use of the PlayStation 3's motion control. It's an exercise in frustration just trying to get your dragon to go where you want him to. It's probably great watching someone play Lair as they flail around like an idiot and are inevitably reduced to letting loose a volley of curse words at the screen, usually around the thirtieth time the game mistakes the controller gesture for "turn 180 degrees" for the one that means "zoom uncontrollably forward into the danger I was trying to get away from."

Also they get confused with mission objectives. Love or hate relationship with this game it seems :\

Keyser4126d ago

When the idiot from that Sony site gave Bioshock a 5/10 I threw it in the garbage as a dumb review.

I'll be putting this guys review in the same garbage can.

This guy can't figure out the controls. We just had an article on here from a kid last week who figured out the controls and loved the game.

I'll have to see for myself.

dauden4127d ago

I guess this it what happens when a reviewer focuses his entire (and very short) review around ONLY the negative aspects of the game...

I've never written a review my entire life, but I could still do a better job than that guy.

Anyway, I think I have this game preordered, and I'm looking forward to testing it myself.

Fvck reviews -- They seem to be really, really biased this generation.