World Of Warcraft latency issues with Virgin Media could take "weeks" to resolve

Latency issues affecting World Of Warcraft and Virgin Media's ADSL service have been identified and could take several weeks to resolve.

Help and support forum manager Mark Wilkin said the latest patch for the MMO has seen significant changes to the way which traffic is delivered, causing its traffic management system to not recognise it as gaming traffic.

As a result, it's currently being classed as peer-to-peer traffic as opposed to gaming traffic, giving it a much lower rate of priority that leads to latency issues, especially in the evenings.

It was said that a previous update to the game had incurred similar problems, and that gaming companies fail to notify traffic management supplies prior to release, making them difficult to prepare for.

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Rifkens2812d ago

I have this problem but im on Virgin Media Cable :/ Dunno if its a bug or just sheer latency but when I do BGs it doesnt let me res... for like 5 res cooldowns