Gaming Excellence: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Hands On Impressions

GE: At the recent PlayStation Holiday Preview event in Toronto, tucked away in the deep recesses of the upper floor, were six kiosks networked together to give a hands on for a unique multiplayer experience. The booth may have been hard to find, but the impact was heard loud and clear.

That message was that Ubisoft is not resting on their laurels with the Assassin's Creed franchise. Despite ACII's release only a year ago, Ubisoft is releasing a new iteration this holiday, which includes an entirely new adventure starring ACII's protagonist Ezio, and a new multiplayer mode that is shockingly unique and fun to play. This is not your standard hack and slash multiplayer mode that will have players running around a battlefield, this mode is just as stealth based and methodical as the single player.

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