Kinect Will Learn as You Play, Says Microsoft

The more you use Kinect, the better it will work for you, says Microsoft's Alex Kipman.

Everybody is different, from the way they look, to the way they move, and when Microsoft was building Kinect, it realized that trying to accommodate all that diversity with a lot of code simply wasn't going to work. Instead, it decided to take a different tack: Start Kinect off with a generic model, and have it learn the rest as it went along.

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Dylantalon12788d ago Show
awiseman2788d ago

Hopefully it works because approaches like that either work flawlessly and amazingly or fail miserably. Mainly because that kind of code is the precurser to what we call AI(Artificial Intelligence)

Beahmscream2788d ago

I'll believe it when I see it...

Bigpappy2787d ago

I have no idea if all of these features will work as advertised. But M$ are talking futuristic tech with Kinect. I shall soon see.