Black Ops, Wager Matches

With the release of Black Ops less than a week away, what particular ways will players do to get CoD Points quicker, and more notably, through which wager match modes?

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kdogdaddy2787d ago

Sticks and Stones all the way baby! Looking forward to humiliating some nubs!

Red_Orange_Juice2787d ago

I think I wont play this, as I'm not getting this game.

Red_Orange_Juice2786d ago

broken sarcasm detector is broken

JakemanPS319942786d ago

i want to know why u come in black ops articles just to tell us that ur not gonna buy it.. i mean i could understand if this was a poll but it isnt so pls gtfo

Losi2787d ago

Having done some pretty heft time in Counter Strike, I most specifically look forward to the Gun Game and it's implementation.

kdogdaddy2787d ago

I'd have to say that every wager match mode looks like a great addition to the varied gameplay of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

shadosnipa2786d ago

I will enjoy the gungame aswell. I have played Counterstrike quite a bit myself. I think it will be a good renovation to Call of Duty.

kdogdaddy2787d ago

Akimbo weapons for the win!

LJCabo2se2787d ago

One in the chamber all the way!

Dnied2787d ago

These are actually great and a good way to update the shooters of today...

This feels like the real successor to cod4:MW as WaW and Mw2 were terrible IMO... cod4 was probably one of my favs, and it did bring quite a bit to the genre.. I'm willing to bet this will have a similar impact..

In fact, this may spark interest in currency within shooters to be handled just like counterstrike once again where you were spending (or saving) money as the game goes on allowing you to buy certain weapons / equipment. If you were low on cash you'd save a round and be forced to use a pistol and maybe some kevlar but that was it.. leads to another certain depth to the game and I don't know why it was ever taken out.

Anyway, seems like a double edged sword to me, I want to get black ops and I appreciate what treyarch is doing, but I absolutely hate Activision and never wanted to support them again ahhhhhh

Scenarist2787d ago

LOL and now u must buy black ops and go against your morals and principle in order to have fun with the rest of us.....

See u in game

kdogdaddy2787d ago

Like you mentioned, the double edged sword. We love Call of Duty, Hate activision.

In much the same manner, as a consumer, several individuals loathe Walmart job policy etc, yet continue going there day after day, year after year.

With that said, I wholeheartedly enjoy the Call of Duty titles and look forward to the changes Treyarch is taking Black Ops into.

As per the currency, I totally agree. Many people (myself included at times) find a gun/attachment combo that works and stay with it exclusively throughout the life of the game. If we instead have a currency based system, people have more flexibility and variety as to what guns and attachments they get and in what order. This also forces people to use more of the variety of weapons available through the course of their gameplay.

Losi2787d ago

Call of Duty for life...Activision for as long as we can stand.

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