DVD-sized disc to hold 950GBs more than Blu-ray and HD DVD

While HD DVD and Blu-ray fight to become the next-generation disc storage format, a new technology has been unveiled that promises to eclipse them both.

Israeli company Mempile has unveiled a technology for storing up to a terabyte (1TB) of data on a standard-size, 12cm clear polymer disc - that's 950GB more than a double-layer Blu-ray disc and 300GB more than even the most optimistic estimates for blue-laser technologies.

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MK_Red4099d ago

Oh... My... God. 1000Gb!?!?? multi layered Blu-HD-DVD can't even get to 200Gb... if this thing gets a big support from a 3rd company (Microsoft? Apple? Phillips?) Then the format war could be over.

HeartlesskizZ4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

Yes this could easy beat BD and HDDVD but this article is nothing but rumors, theres nothing conccrete here so dont buy it, atleast not yet.

Note: I think my gaming is over after this currrent nextgen. it looks like the new next gen will bemore then just $700 per console & games maybe 80-90 ;(

Maddens Raiders4099d ago

the article says two to three years players will be available.

Question is how will the quality be?

It doesn't really matter though: DVD9 rules. :P

sloth4urluv4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

Can you say waste of space?

Lets do a little math here.
I know its hard for most people on this site...
Lets say we want a 3hr movie to fill up this disc for amazing quality.
3hr = 180min = 10,800seconds
1TB = 1024GB = 1,048,576MB = 1,073,741,824KBytes = 1,099,511,627,776Bytes = 8,796,093,022,208Bits

8,796,093,022,208Bits/10,800s econ ds
= 814,453,057Bits/Second = 101,806,632Bytes/Second = 99,420KB/Second = 97MB/Second

DVD 1x = 1350KB/Second = 1.3MB/Second
Blu-ray 1x 37Mb/Second = 4.625MB/Second

That means you would need a drive at the speed of 97xDVD or 21xBlu-ray just to watch the movie.

In the end the true next gen format will fiberoptics.
Purchase titles online where your purchase information will be stored in a database allowing you to stream your movie from any location that you login, upgrades are as easy as a software patch.

45421254099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

Yeah! This might be the reason there is a format war in the first place, there is just far greater technology than Blu-ray and HD-DVD coming soon.

An HD-disc player with a purple or ultra-violet lazer, would be far greater than the two combined. :o

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TriggerHappy4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

Like I was saying yesterday, it would be smart to stick to DVD until this so called HD wars is over then you decide what you want to move with.

What's Ironic is that, DVD might come out on top even after all the time both(BLURAY AND HDVD) companies are wasting competing with each other.

I believe if they were working together, they would have achieved something even better than what is out here now.

Flame on Blu-ray and HD DVD, call me when one of ya all quit:)

Rageanitus4099d ago

I dont see standard definition tv's in stores anymore, and the only way to take full advantage of the tv's are blu-ray and hd-dvd.

vidoardes4099d ago

I knew I had already seen thios, bet it won't get removed though

Captain Tuttle4099d ago

Technology moves too fast today to try to push one format over another. That business model is obsolete.

SuperSaiyan44099d ago

Is it because of the disc space hence why HD movies can only be on those 2 formats?

If that is the case this means you could easily put a HD movie on a normal DVD but how would you differentiate the 2? You would obviously have to brand it HD - DVD...

This also means it *could* be good for Xbox 360? That means a single layer DVD with say XX number of GB of space which means whilst Sony uses blu-ray for games with 50gb max, 360 games could be using more?

power0919994099d ago

The title says DVD SIZED Disk.

Meaning it's the physical size of a DVD/CD/BR/HD-DVD disk. Not that it reads from DVD.

So my guess is that it won't help either system. It's just a new form of media.

Besides if the 360 could read holographic storage disks it would cost A LOT more than 400 smackers.

strongbad14414099d ago

even if it was a simple dvd, the ps3 could use it too. after all, what media are ps2 games stored on - a dvd if you didn't know.