MotorStorm Apocalypse: Stunning Video Shows Crazy Civilian Attacks

A new MotorStorm: Apocalypse video emerged which shows crazy civilian attacks.

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Yi-Long2787d ago

... looks like a next-gen Carmageddon.

Red_Orange_Juice2787d ago

I hope the game won't be cheating again, like you can't get a comfortable lead, one mistake and you end up 4th or 5th

lzim2787d ago


yeah just needs cows upgrades+weapons and open world exploration

HolyOrangeCows2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

I'm glad to see it running in a more stable fashion than in previous videos.

"just needs cows upgrade"

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ryuzu2787d ago

Seems like the spiritual succesor to Carmageddon - cue green blood!

While I think this has gone a bit over the top in terms of setting (I mean the other MS's at least had a kind of illegal fest feel rather than death and destruction!) it still looks fun.


Blaster_Master2787d ago

Motorstorm could only have a spiritual successor to itself. Dont you dare compare my favorite off road series to that turd of a game, crapageddon.

I cant wait to play this game in 3-D. My god I love you Evolution Studios

lzim2787d ago

what's with the carmageddon hating???

Elvfam5112787d ago

This game is insane I wonder how the other levels are....

Maldread2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Yeah, same here. Seems they`re going the K3 route by not showing us too much, but i think it`s a good thing. I like getting to see thing first hand myself while i`m playing, but at the same time, i`m really bad at resisting new footage ;) Can`t wait to see K3`s jungles for instance :)

one2thr2787d ago

That's the same exact thing I wanna I see too......... Footage of Killzone 3 jungles........ What would be a plus is if they allow the player/gamer to roam through it with or without an exo-suit....... Yeah Boy!!!!!!

soundslike2787d ago

seeing too much really does spoil some of the new feeling you get when you first play the game and get the "Holy shit!" feeling, instead you'll just be like "oh yea i saw this on n4g"

so publishers....don't listen to gamers and release too much footage!( ops) they don't know whats best for them! :D


Also you can create levels in this Motorstorm to share online, going to be amazing.

GiggMan2787d ago

That looks great. I can't wait to see panicking pedestrians flying at me in 3D.

Maldread2787d ago

Wow, look at all the stuff flying around. Really cool and i think this could be my first MS game.

Hope they improve on the ragdoll of the guys being hit though. It seems way to stiff.

Pacman3212787d ago

Your first Motorstorm game!?
The first Motorstorm was a must have for all PS3 owners!

NBT912787d ago

It wasn't that good, it was just the best launch game (though Ridge 7 was better IMO as racers go). The series has gradually got better though, it's improved and this looks like the best of the series so far.

Ravage272787d ago

Pacific Rift is extremely underrated imo. Huge variety of tracks + awesome online + 4 player splitscreen

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The story is too old to be commented.