Call of Duty: Black Ops To Be Available From £7.99 With MoH Trade-In

Connected Consoles: When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 launched last year there was a massive UK price war on the game with Sainsbury's being the place to pick it up from with a price of £26. This year HMV are the first chain to show their hand with the game available from £7.99 when you trade-in Medal of Honor.

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mjolliffe2819d ago

Excellent deal. I know a lot of people will take a look at this. Personally though, I'll have Black Ops for 360 whilst MoH's on my PS3.

hakis862819d ago

Well I guess it is for consumers, anything to knock the price down a bit.
But it kind of sucks to act like this: Black ops has ONE RIVAL and then someone does this bullcrap.. I think it's a bit lame, we all know Black Ops will sell too many copies anyways - far more than Medal of Honor.

Pacman3212819d ago

Great deal, but i don't have MOH.
Im just going to trade in MW2 and Red Dead for Black Ops... should knock down the price a bit.

outwar60102819d ago

dont trade in red dead its not a fair trade

Pacman3212819d ago

But ive completed it....
And i know i won't play it when Black Ops comes out anyway

outwar60102819d ago

u can tell theres going to be more dlc and it will be the best online open world you will play this gen

c0nnnn2819d ago

are they afraid that some people are getting tired of the same engine?

cho cho

LightSamus2819d ago

I'm doing this, 100%. If I'm realistic, MoH is rarely ever gonna get played whilst Black Ops is in my house so why not take advantage of that and effectively trade MoH in for £37? That's practically a full refund! Then if I really want to, I can pick up MoH at a later date for a much cheaper price. No brainer!

kharma452819d ago

Pretty much my thoughts on it too, seems like a pretty good trade-in deal for once!

Vip3r2819d ago

£7.99 Kotick most certainly isn't getting.

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