PS3 Bluetooth Headset Going Slim

Kotaku: A reader sent us this promo sleeve for the PlayStation 3 Bluetooth headset earlier this week, which now appears to be sporting a slimmer, sleeker design than the original model.

Not only has the ear clasp been made thinner, but the front buttons and indicators have been cleaned up too. The material also clearly states that this is an official Sony product, not a third-party offering.

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sinncross2692d ago

I own a motorola and according to some user designed faq, the PS3 headset never works properly with motorola's Hopefully this one does.

r1sh122692d ago

I dont mind wireless headsets, its just when they cannot fit on my ear is when it gets annoying.
I hope they also improve the voice chat quality, it does sound quite hollow and picks up all sorts of noise.
Even my astro A40's have the same issue with the ps3 voice chat

topekomsi2692d ago

they make the damn thing comfortable. I have 2 of the originals, and after 30 mins my ear is uncomfy. After an hour, it's almost unbearable.

divideby02692d ago

ditto... a friend game me a gooie piece which goes over the O-ring. Most def. more comfy

8-bit2692d ago

I love the official headset. I used to have a third party bluetooth headset and every time I wanted to use it I had to navigate the XMB and enable it under Audio Devices. It was a pain, the official just needs turned on and it beeps automatically when it synced up to the console without going through the XMB

william25022692d ago

Hopefully they've changed enough so it doesn't hurt my ear after 15 minutes. I really don't want to shell out £75 for a pair of Turtle Beaches.

On the plus side the sound and voice quality are top notch.

HungPHATx2692d ago

I'll buy this day one ! Hated the original one

EeJLP-2692d ago

I didn't jump on the original, because I had a Motorola already, but I'd probably get this if it were bundled with a game I liked.

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The story is too old to be commented.