How Sony Can Guarantee the PSP2's Success

There's a lot of talk about the PSP2, what it can do, who has and hasn't seen it, and what it looks like. But there are a few key points that could make the PSP2 a much more attractive proposition.

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pedrami912758d ago

Finally someone something i can agree with !

macezhno2758d ago

to be a DualShock3 controller with a HD screen

Red_Orange_Juice2758d ago

To be perfect ebook reader with multiple formats supported, also cbr/cbz file support aka native comic book reader, I don't know about original PSP and comics, I don't have it.

Blacktric2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

It should have nearly everything PS3 has (feature wise) and more. Extended media support for MKV files and subtitle support, maybe vibration (if it's not gonna ruin the experience by shaking the screen a lot) support, Trophy support for games from day 1. And yes, please leave that phone stuff out of the PSP2. In the future, when smaller and slimmer version of it releases, they can consider adding phone support but now, it'd be unnecessary for most of us. A clever thing to do would be releasing a PSP Phone that supports PSP library and after that, PSP2 (without waiting too much of course).

Capt-FuzzyPants2758d ago

I've been saying that for a while. It snice to have someone agree. Just take your playstation controller and slap a screen on there sony.

sinncross2758d ago

Make available PS2 Classics on PSN from Day 1, and ensure they come out more frequently then PS1 games have.

Christopher2758d ago

If only there was a simple answer to this. Personally, I believe that no matter what they do they won't do enough.

If I had to say the #1 thing they should do, it would be to let go of proprietary formats and peripherals. Anything that allows a person to openly use a cheaper, third-party media or peripheral will only aid them in considering the purchase and reducing long-term costs.

BigDan802758d ago

Yeh no point wasting battery life on a gsm signal...

Bleucrunch2758d ago

I believe it is a gaming device first and foremost I want to it be a dual shock 3 controller in my hand meaning 2 analog sticks and figure out some way to add L2 and R2 buttons that way the amount of games that are possible to play on the psp will sky rocket. The divx file support should be enough to take care of all our codec needs. Oh yes I almost forgot I would love for it to be 32 Gb right out of the box with the option to extend it further.

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jizzyjones2758d ago

Pretent 3DS isn't coming out

Dnied2758d ago

2 sticks !

oh and ps2 compatibility

Genecalypse2758d ago

Games, lots of games. Make it cheap and not cost a fortune.

mark35742758d ago

lmao..another failure!!

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The story is too old to be commented.