GTA IV: New mod makes driving finally realistic

The Realistic Driving mod for GTA IV improves the handling of 170 vehicles based on real data.

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toaster2638d ago

Meh. The PC version is already too broken to be of any interest to me, modded or not. Plus the game is boring as hell.

Hideo_Kojima2638d ago

If you have a really powerful PC its ok.
I played it at an arcade near my house which has i7s and powerful graphics cards that can support any game.

Watch the video it is amazing.
realistically fast bikes and cars,
more damage,
and even realistic helicopters that don't have any limits.

If GTA was like this from the beginning it would have been so so sooo much more popular.

sonicsidewinder2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

An arcade featuring PC's?

Is this normal!?

This is madness!!!

(yet very cool)

BryanBegins2638d ago

Yes pretty cool. Honnestly for me, ther eis no way I'm buying GTA V if the driving is still as awful as in IV.

rezzah2638d ago

Driving was great, people just didnt realise how fast there cars were going to be able to know how much to slow down by when making a turn. they alwasy ended up going into walls because there was no meter for the speed.

lzim2638d ago


no, GTA IV had cars with cheese for suspensions. This is fact. It is the first thing everyone complains about.

to echo, Rockstar needs to not fuckup the driving in a game that focuses so heavily on driving just because they want to show off their shiny new and expensive physics system. It is a game first, not a tech showpiece.

Crazyglues2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Basically this is everything Rockstar should have done in a patch for the game, but didn't..

What these guys just did is what a company like Rockstar is suppose to do, even if this had to be a $5 or 10 buck DLC I would have bought it in a heartbeat...

This would have just been so cool to have on the Console version... Dam you Rockstar - you could have done this..


Errod882638d ago

That Awesome But don't Have A powerful PC..
His the youtube link

Letros2638d ago

Nice, will try this out, Still need to beat Ballad of Gay Tony.

Bodster2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

New mod? Iv been using this mod since it came out on PC :)

The guy thats made it has a ton of updates for it too, dunno why this site is only just posting it...

plb2638d ago

I've got GTA IV on PC and still have yet to play it. Picked it up during that summer Steam sale for $4.99

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The story is too old to be commented.
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