The Secrets Of Enemy AI In Uncharted 2

In latest installment of his series on the combat design of Uncharted 2, Naughty Dog combat designer Benson Russell delves into the techniques the studio devised for its combat AI, and how those evolved from the original game in the series.

BR: I wanted to share some of the nitty gritty technical details of our AI systems to give insight as to how we tackled some of the common AI issues we all face as developers. Most games have some form of AI and regardless of the genre of game, there are fairly common requirements that have to be met. So I think you should be able to relate a lot of this to the systems you're working with, and perhaps spark an idea or two on new things you could try.

Our AI comprises a bunch of very modular systems that handle the different aspects of what we need them to do.

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Redempteur2790d ago

as a programmer, this article will be printed.

i love it when they had integer versus float problems

you never know when this happens ( it happens a lot )