Nintendo GameBoy Listed As #3 Gadget In History

Bryce Wilson of RipTen Writes: "It's a fact of life that Nintendo is one of the most well known gaming companies in the world. Mario is the most iconic figure in video games, and the Nintendo DS has units rushing off shelves so fast that they can't even keep up..."

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TeZzA2757d ago

The thing was so big it nearly even shadowed the original Xbox console.

Man it's so true. My small hands didn't enjoy trying to hold onto it.

Drjft2757d ago

The original gameboy was so big and heavy that you needed a forklift to carry it.

KingNintendoFanboy2757d ago

It was a feather compared to the Game Gear.

vicious69832757d ago

I remember all the ridiculous attachments the thing had. I used to habe the magnifying screen with the side bendy light. Good times.

gillri2757d ago

lol I remember those! I had a huge grey case that wrapped around the GameBoy making it even bigger!!

there was a magnifying glass, and a magnifying glass with a light too

ahh good old days!!

greeneggsnsam2757d ago

Heh, I remember the light thing. Amazed me when the GBA SP had a light in the screen.

KingNintendoFanboy2757d ago

I wish Inspector Gadget was #1.

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