UAV Helps Player To Target Game Leader In Black Ops?

It seems players may now be able to target the player in the lead during matches on multiplayer on Call of Duty Black Ops...

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Focker4202543d ago

It looks like it highlights the top 3 players. Not a big deal. A UAV is still just a UAV. Whether its a red dot or a gold dot you'll still try to kill em.

will112542d ago

This video is over 1 hour long and it is a huge interview about black ops and in this video they explain that the gold dot is the leader in the wager matches so people can go to him and knife him to make him go down a tier.

dkblackhawk502542d ago

Hehe more money in the bag I say!

xAlmostPro2542d ago

this is just for wager matches.. and its not a uav because you dont gain your killstreaks in wager matches.. its just a sort of blip that pops up showing the leader in gold every now and then.. i think thats pretty cool tbh and adds more to the excitement/pressure of being 1st place

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Call_me_Ishmael2542d ago

isnt it just for wager matches?i mean in tdm it wouldnt even matter
whos got the highest score.

vickers5002542d ago

It might if you noticed a camper trying to cheaply rack up kills.

xAlmostPro2542d ago

it is only wager matches

JKL69392542d ago

yes it will definitely happen

Microsoft_Spokesman2542d ago

Google TV? LOL, wrong news article :P

Shackdaddy8362542d ago

I kinda like it. That way, you can see which guy you want to pick on/avoid.

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