CVG PS3 Preview: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Improved licensing, quicker passing, devious AI, impressive commentary - and one or two glaring flaws.

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Maldread4123d ago

Too bad they didn`t say anything about the commentary in this cut-down preview, as i would like to hear it`s actually better this time around, wouldn`t count completely on it as PSM3 has said it before (they`re a great mag by the way), but i didn`t agree. It`s one aspect that should have been able to improve though.

I also think the penalties should be manual, so that you can better choose the power of your shot. The same for long passes too.

SWORDF1SH4123d ago

PSM3 do mention that the commentry is more varied. anybody readin this. get psm3 for the no bullsh*t no butt lickin reviews.

Itachi4123d ago

You will buy it because its PES 2008 ON THE PS3