WarHawk Finally Out In Europe

Warhawk is a remake of a flight combat game of the same name; released as a launch title on the original PlayStation. The remake is multiplayer-only, with the ability to take control of planes, tanks, and jeeps. Though the game was initially to have both single-player and multiplayer modes, the single-player was scrapped because developers decided that it was vastly inferior to the game's mutiplayer component.

Now, many people were hoping that it would be released at midnight, as it was in the US store...

However, many were disappointed, and rumours sprouted up that it would be released at 5pm GMT.

However, as of 10:01 AM WarHawk is out in the European stores, I can confirm this as I am downloading now.

Just to let you know that the wait is over!

Source goes to the official website so you can find out more about the game...

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SuperSaiyan43800d ago

On the PSN and when is it out in retail?

achira3800d ago

downloading right now. in retail its out sometimes in end sep.

achira3800d ago

it costs 29.99 euro, nice price for this game! i expected 39.99 euro.

sunlollyking3800d ago

I can't get onto the playstation network at all after i downloaded this game. Whats going on? It tries to obtain IP address but then says failed. So weird its just started doing this.

mighty_douche3800d ago

simply unplug your router/modem or both, leave them for at least 20 secs and plug back in, sounds simple i know but generally works! fingers crossed for ya!

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The story is too old to be commented.
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