IGN's Hands-on with the Slimmer, Lighter PSP

No matter how advanced and cutting edge the latest and greatest technology is, it will no doubt soon be bested by a better, faster, stronger version. Skynet's lifelike T-800 was designed to be the perfect killing machine, only to quickly become outdated by the liquid metal T-1000. That too was deemed useless with the creation of the T-X, though none were a match for the Connor family. And now, the PSP2001 is set to make the PSP1001 look like a VCR. Or something.

Announced at this year's E3, the newly redesigned PSP is finally in the hands of IGN's Chris Roper, sporting a slimmer, lighter shell and a couple of nifty new features that easily set it ahead of its predecessor. The new design's selling point is its size and weight, which is some 33% lighter and nearly 20% thinner than the older model. The weight difference is immediately noticeable, with the system feeling almost empty to anyone who's used to the original PSP's heft. Its weight feels very appropriate for its size - while the original felt perhaps a little too heavy for its bulk, the new model is a practically perfect ratio of size and weight.

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MK_Red4126d ago

Awesome intro. The lady T-X was the slim version of our T-1000 and Arny's T-800. Could this mean that Slim PSP is a lady?

SuperSaiyan44126d ago

This one is curved around the edges whereas the old one has sharp edges and hurt my fingers.

Keyser4126d ago

Excellent. To the Christmas list!!