Rumour: Logitech to create Wiimote rival? has learned that Logitech is soon to announce a new peripheral for the Wii, which may aim to challenge the Wii Remote.

In an exclusive interview, UK and Ireland country manager Chris Spearing explained that Logitech hopes "to have at least one product out for the Wii this year," and went on to discuss the debate between rumble versus motion-sensing saying "hopefully we'll be at the forefront of pushing that further, combining some of the two."

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alaaji4100d ago

If Logitech can make a Wii-mote like peripheral that does the same thing as the Wii-mote and improves upon it, then I'm all for it. I'm sure that it will be cheaper as well. Unfortunately, I already have 4 Wii remotes and don't need another but it could be good for all those other consumers.