Will online distribution overtake the boxed game?

Short shelf life and high overheads make it hard for games but digital delivery models like Steam could save the industry.

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MK_Red4095d ago

Well, that is what Microsoft is seriously hoping for and what I seriously hate. Nothing is like the joy of holding the gam box and carrying home, opening it up, reading manual and checking the other items if it's CE/SE and the poping the disk into machine.

Geewhizz4095d ago

although i like downloadble games i prefer to have a box and a manual. Also i find it quite satisfying to watch my collection of software grow as the shelf fills up with boxes

kornbeaner4095d ago

Not only is having the box pretty good. But if the game is just sitting there or if you have no plans to continue after the initial playthrough you can always re-sell your copy for money or store credit. Arcade games, yeah I'll DL but actual full fledge games I have to go buy myself off a shelf.

Bloodmask4095d ago

a physical copy. But I realize eventually games will be just like the music industry. I can't remember the last time I bought A CD. It's always an MP3 or some other kind of download.

Digital Distribution is coming it is just a matter of when and can people adjust to it.