7 of gaming's worst sequels

Often developers are only too pleased to dish out more of the same (particular given the rocketing costs of software production), but whether it's an eagerness to please or just pure laziness – GamerSquad leans towards the latter – some of the most anticipated videogame sequels simply end up falling way short of expectation.

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MK_Red4129d ago

Well, I think Sonic one was number one and worst sequel ever. Then Driv3r and finally Carmageddon.
Great article and nice find.

reaferfore204129d ago

Zelda 2, Mario is Missing, and hell every Duke Nukem game past 3d atomic edition??? I WANT DUKE NUKEM 4D!!!!

daftshadow4129d ago

Sometimes sequels are good but I can't really think of one at the moment. One of the sequels which almost everybody claim to suck was Deus Ex: Invisible War. I actually thought it was pretty darn good.