Fallout 3 Interview

Fallout 3 is a game that many, many people have been praying for since the nineties. In Leipzig last week, gamers were given another chance to see the very first demo of Bethesda's interpretation of this beloved universe and it was no less impressive the second time around - gorgeous, violent and extremely faithful to the series' legacy, it was a personal game of the show by a long, long way.

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MK_Red4125d ago

Funny how non-fans say it's extremely faithful to the series' legacy while fans say it's extremely UNfaithful to the series' legacy.

Good find and good read.

Bloodmask4124d ago

After the letdown that was Two Worlds. In my opinion of course. Bethesda hasn't let me down yet.

I only hope this game will be as good as Oblivion..