Studio Canal joins the Blu-Ray Camp

Studio Canal which was once HD DVD exclusive has now decided to go neutral. It will now support both Blu-ray and HD DVD formats

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ktchong3856d ago

What movies does Studio Canal have?

Mu5afir3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Basic Instinct etc.. these are movies I would love to see in Blu-Ray. Hot Fuzz and Shooting Aces are the other two recent movies they have released.

But what is important is that it has the 3rd largest movie library in the world. And it is owned by Vivindi a company that owns 20% of Universal. Now we wait and see, if Universal well become neutral. If this happens it would be a HUGE boost for Blu-Ray.

nasim3856d ago

I dont see reasons behind's Universal HDDVD backing.

anyway i believe we would be having Universal on BD's side as well

barom3856d ago

Hot Fuzz is AWSOME!

Not gonna get it though. But ya should rent it.

Like a shadow I am3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Studio Canal is the third largest because it has a lot of foreign films.

Studio Canal does NOT own Terminator II. Terminator II was released in 1991. Studio Canal was founded in 1996. Rambo and Basic Instinct came out even before that.

Terminator II and Rambo are ALREADY on Blu-ray, if you have not been paying attention to Blu-ray catalogue.

Studio Canal is a french studio, which mainly deal in small, independent and foreign films.

Those titles are owned by Vivendi, which in turn distribute films for Studio Canal.

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spammy_nooo3856d ago

good news for the blu-ray side(me). maybe you should tweak the title a bit as it led me to thinking they had gone blu only. just a suggestion.

soccerstar3856d ago

haha take that hd-dvd!!!!!!!!!!!!

jk lol who in the he11 is Studio Canal???

cuco333856d ago

they announced they went neutral, not exclusive elsewhere probably because hd dvd in europe is taking some time to get going. wouldn't matter for you BD fans since your sh*t is region coded and hence you can't import titles overseas and play them on your ps3

sheng long3856d ago

U-571 is one that comes to mind, but there are a few more.

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