HD DVD Player: SRP $199

Announced today as the cheapest entry-level HD DVD player Venturer's SHD7000 HD DVD player gets a price.

Venturer's HD DVD player suggested retail price will be $199.

Normal sellers of Venturer products include Wal-mart, so a price around $150 in stores should not be impossible. We will see.

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NextGen24Gamer4127d ago

This is what Paramount knew when they switched to exclusive HD dvd.....With HD dvd players priced at under 200...Everyone and their momma will jump into the next gen format wagon....This Christmas will be amazing for HD dvd....with Shrek and Transformers leading the way. The best way to experience those two movies is in HD...and Only on HD dvd....for under 200 dollars....WOW

sonarus4127d ago

No paramount knew about 150 million dollars. This is a threat to blu ray but has nothing to do with paramounts decision. All this will do is encourage blu ray prices to go lower. As most of you xbots have said time and time again most consumers/walmart shoppers still wnt shelve 200 bucks unless they have hi def tv's. So this does not have as huge an impact as you think. Great job hd-dvd for lowerin prices so quickly. The right steps are being taken in winning this format war instead of paying of paramount

Mu5afir4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

No disrespect, but I won't worry about Walmart shoppers picking up a ton of HD-DVDs. They are simply not the target consumer for this technology as of now.

It doesn't matter how much they reduce the price of the device, if it doesn't have good software it won't do well. It's not ALWAYs about the price point. The iPhone is expensive, the iPod is expensive compared to other phones and MP3 players respectivly. But they are bought because of the quality of the product.

DeadIIIRed4127d ago

You get to watch a washed up Scottish actor AND Shia LaBeouf in high def!!! I'm so freaking jealous that I'm going to pawn my PS3 to buy two of these HD-DVD players and watch them at the same time. Man are we HD-DVD supporters lucky!!!

*Throws Up Very Violently*

drewdrakes4127d ago

hahaha DeadIIIRed, thats hilarious. A scottish person doesnt play shrek, a canadian does. You have just proven how ignorant many people can be. With all of your knowledge people should be really taking your advice in this format war. But on the bright side you can watch Transformers in HD (and millions of people loved it and many will buy the HD DVD) or the Bourne series (which i didnt like...but some do i guess) for relatively cheap, with your 200 dollar player.

Ri0tSquad4127d ago

beta max or w/e. I see blu ray dropping there price soon too.

sak5004127d ago


BD is the next Betamax

$200 for HD player, amazing, a definite pick for me if it can play divx files. And Transformers has to be seen in HD to do it justice.

fredy4126d ago

"However, this unit may be just the first of a flood of sub-$200 Chinese imports that will push the overall price of HD DVD players down and put more pressure on Blu-ray to keep up, and it may influence powerful retailers such as Wal-Mart in their choice of high-definition formats."

of the End.

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Bloodmask4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

You have just witnessed a genuine historical moment. The turning point in the HD format war. It is obvious that Paramount knew something and this is it.

With HDDVD offering more features and now having a mass market price point of just $199 you would be a fool to pass it up. Not to mention that Walmart sells 50% of DVDs sold everywhere.

When these players come out this Christmas it will be a big turning point for Toshiba. Toshiba is also puting HDDVD drives in all there laptops starting next year. Of which they sell 9 million annually.

One thing is for sure if you want true HD blockbusters this Holiday like The Bourne Ultimatum and Transformers you can get them both only on HDDVD.

Mu5afir4127d ago

150 M I L L I O N D O L L A R S, for 18 M O N T H S.

sonarus4127d ago

you forgot to mention blu ray block busters like spiderman and pirates of the carribean which outsold both those movies

LeonSKennedy4Life4127d ago

I assume you like Transformers? That's unfortunate.

It was basically a comedy with some good action. Had they hired WRITERS, it probably would've done fine. However, Michael Bay was DRUNK!!!

Do I have to say it again?

"Give me the cube, boy!" < doesn't sound TOP NOTCH to me.

stonedog4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

for what it portends. It portends that HD DVD is getting closer to the mass market which is the ultimate target; the day is coming closer when there will be HD DVD players in the sub $100 range. Some people might think that the mass market is not the target of the competing formats; but they are clearly deluded.

The studios want to make money by selling as many discs as possible while having a potentially more secure format to prevent piracy. Sony and Toshiba want the royalties that come from owning the established format. That is why both format owners are dropping millions of $ to gain a strategic advantage over their rival. Blockbuster and Apple did not come on side with Sony out of the goodness of their hearts they made the move b/c of financial or other inducement and business judgment. Likewise Paramount did same.

LoydX-mas4126d ago

Do you know who sells Venturer? WAL-MART

Do you know who sells almost 45% of all DVD's? WAL-MART

So when the average Wal-mart customer goes in to buy SM3 or Pirates 3, do 'ya think they will want to spend about $300-$400 MORE for a Blu-ray player just to watch those two movies?

---OR would they be more likely to pay $150-$200 for an HD-DVD player to watch Shrek 3 and/or Transformers?

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jared817994127d ago

They could bundle a ham sandwich with it and people still wont care.

Keyser4127d ago

I'm cracking up over here.

Bubbles for you...

MarioFromTexas4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

And then you have pirates of the caribean. There's going to be like 3 to 1 release for movies on blu ray this holiday season. Consumers want movies not just a cheap product. It doesn't do the consumers any good if the best movies and the majority are on bluray. Right now Walmart is selling blu ray players and blu ray movies. Paramount will support blu ray sooner or later. I'm buying all my movies on bluray, because blu ray is going to win, it's just a matter of time

bladestar I'm a big Spiderman fan and I can tell you that Spiderman 3 was just as good or better than the other 2. Spiderman still broke records and thats all that counts in a world of money. Transformers was good but Spiderman 3 was better. I probably see every big hit at the theaters, I'm a movie buff and I can tell you that you making a stupid comment about spiderman shows you are just a sad little man hiding in the closet. If you don't like spiderman it's ok, but when you try to down play it just like you do on the PS3 forums it makes you look pathetic. Walmart is already selling blu ray players and movies, anyone that goes to walmart will tell you space is limited and with 65 percent of movies being released on blu ray this holiday season what is the big advantage of geting an hd dvd. You xbots brag on the PS3 the whole entire year for not haveing games, it seems you have double standards. HDdvd does not have many AAA movies as blu ray and it's going to get worst this holiday season. HDDVD is dead and only the blind stupid xbots like yourself are the ones in denial

BIadestarX4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

Who's talking about spiderman? Besides... Spiderman 1 = Great... Spiderman 2 = OK..... Spiderman 3 not so great.
Spiderman already lost steam... they need to give it a rest for at least 5 years, just like the x-men... Now Transformers... is fresh and something new...

Elginer4127d ago

Yes because we all know Spider-Man 3 was such a fantastic movie, I mean wow. No not really it was pure crap.

sonarus4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

hahahha lmao at transformers outsellin hd-dvd. Spidey 3 was garbage compared to the others but its still spidey. It would outsell transformers and shrek with ease. Mad ease. Spidey grossed over 330 million in the US alone and 890 million worldwide. Transformers came close with 300million in US and 675 worldwide. The bottomline still is spidey is spidey and it will easily outsell transformers and shrek combined.

[email protected] wasnt toshiba already selling hd-dvds at 200 with mail in rebates or was it 300. This will certainly boost hd-dvd sales but it wnt give them that win. short of 99.99 players i jst dnt see hd-dvd winning at this point. by xmas bluray should be going for 300 or less and as long as blu ray still has most of the supporters. it really is a done deal. What movies are hd-dvd going to sell their players with? transformers and shrek??? blu ray has so many mor blockbusters exclusive its not even funny. we will see this xmas but like i said fantastic job to hd-dvd we jst want cheaper players thats all

ArmrdChaos4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

Seems to be the last and final argument for the Blu-ray backers...oh yeah...well we got all the I got news for you...the average Joe doesn't know or give a damn about all your spec numbers, disk size, or any of that crap. They are going to come into a Wal-Mart this Xmas, check out a HD-DVD movie in action, and then go "Holy Crap, only $200 and it still plays my old DVD's too?...Give me one of those!"

The funny part is that you are still under the Sony spell that has you thinking that studio support is etched in stone...hasn't the Paramount move taught you anything? Once the studios see these players flying off the shelves this Xmas you will see the shift. When it is all said and done the only exclusive studio left will be Sony.

sak5004127d ago

Spiderman effects looked as if were done on a ps3.

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NextGen24Gamer4127d ago

This news is huge and deserves to be put through...and it does have everything to do with the xbox 360....

Its the same format that Micosoft has supported and has a hd dvd add on for purchase for all 360 gamers if they choose.

So the news of the price hitting that sweet spot can and will effect the 360 gamers who may have been sitting on the fence waiting for a format winner.

Ignorant Fanboy4127d ago

they all know it should be approved, they just dont like it.

Mu5afir4127d ago

Vivindi is the owner of Studio Canal, they also own 20% of Universal Studios. Studio Canal is now format nutral, I guess they didn't get "bought" out by HD-DVD, ha? And soon, Universal well go neutral and it will be all over.

ArmrdChaos4127d ago

Lowest priced hardware will win...make your arguments about studio support all you want.

Arutha4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

Studio Canal was never an exclusive backer of HD DVD. They started off selling HD DVDs in Europe and may have plans to release 1 movie in Blu Ray at this time. It has been nice though having them release movies in Europe that are HD DVD (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) which are Blu Ray exclusive here and being able to watch them if you import them. Read this thread here: Enjoy the reading.

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