Gamefly Beginning to Look a lot Like Blockbuster

When Loot Ninja first heard of a video game rental service with no late fees, no mailing fee, and a virtually unlimited stock, we jumped all over it. To be honest, we were one of the first people to sign up for it. We are well within the Level 3 rewards and been there for a few years now. Gamefly was a godsend in the current generations(PS2, Xbox) because there was such a huge stockpiling of games past, present, and future that "out of stock" was almost never seen. Now that Gamefly has become more popular with the huge growth of the gaming industry, they have tried to keep up, but so far have done almost a sub par job.

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drunkpandas3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

This is one of the reasons I cancelled Gamefly for the time being. There's a ton of great games coming out this Holiday, but the chances of me getting any of them around release are slim. I cancelled and will rejoin in a few months once there's a better stock of games I'll want to play.

No point in my paying $20 a month when there's nothing I'll be able to get for a couple months.

fiercescuba3793d ago

I am ready to take a break from it, but you lose all the rewards. They are not that great, but still I earned them.

drunkpandas3793d ago

Yeah I was only at Level 1, and I hadn't bought anything either. So I wasn't too concerned with losing that.

SF49er4083793d ago

All you have to do is make sure you have an empty slot so when the game arrives for new release it comes right away. I have bioshock, madden, modo 07, and two worlds out right now for 40 $$. I sent back two worlds cause it sucks and now im waitin for airborne and stranglehold, and ive never not gotten a new release. ill get halo 3, ornage pack, mass effect, and gta 4 when it comes out. gamefly is the sh*t, and anyone who buys a game is an idiot.

Why_So_Serious3793d ago

i hadn't been called an idiot yet today

ISay3793d ago

haha he called you an idiot, oh me too

pacific13792d ago

gamefly always sends me everything that I want as long as I have a game in before it comes out, great service

Syko3792d ago

I really hate being called an idiot by a 49er's fan.

Patriots for teh win. sucker

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ArduousAndy3793d ago

i dont see why your complaining I just have a long list of stuff i want to rent. If i do not get a game the day it comes out its no big deal.

fiercescuba3793d ago


You are spending 500 dollars a year to rent video games. You really shouldn't be calling people idiots.

@ Ardy:

I am not losing sleep over not getting a game. I just don't like to see money wasted.

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