Blue Dragon gets a 6/10 from Gamespot

This is what they had to say :-

"Blue Dragon may be the first Japanese RPG we've seen in a while on the Xbox 360, but it's also totally forgettable, telling a story that didn't beg to be told in a game that doesn't do much to stand out. If you're into role-playing games, you'll find that Blue Dragon is long and mostly serviceable, but it doesn't give you much back for all the time you'll spend on it. Let's hope there's another RPG for the platform soon that gives us more to sink our teeth into."

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iceice1234121d ago

Gamespot must be owned and or payed of by Sony! Every 360 game deserves at least 9s and above, should be always 10s! This is BS! Oh well still a buy and great game.

Sound familiar :)

nasim4121d ago

since Motorstorm got 7.8 on GS .

Resistance got 8.6 while Gears got 9.6

GS is known to be MS biased.

If they are bashing Blue Dragon then definitely the game is bad

Monty_The_Great4121d ago

did you say something that wasn't a fanboy comment? and actually was actually something someone that was over the age of 12 would say? shocked, totally shocked.

Ri0tSquad4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

There not biased at all so this game is just bad.

-edit- Who ever disagreed with me can now consider them self a fanboy.

barom4121d ago

whats up with the low scores. 1up/EGM and now Gamespot. That is sad sad sad. LMAO hahahahahahahahahaahh (I gotta laugh so sorry, but I bet you felt this way when Lair got bad reviews which I dont mind btw :P)

How can three known japs design such a bad game. Sad sad sad. But hey ya, there is still hope with Eternal Sonata and I actually hear it's good. Then I again I heard Blue Dragon was good.

InMyOpinion4121d ago

I can understand their arguments. I'm not surprised it's getting split reviews. It's a very 'japanese' rpg so to speak =)

spasticjustice4121d ago

That's not true, I'm a 360 owner and I still always knew this game would suck.

tplarkin74121d ago

I bought and played a bit of Blue Dragon, and it is a great JRPG. But the truth is that JRPGs need to advance beyond cutscenes and turn based combat.

Also, Blue Dragon is a Dragon Quest clone, and DQ never did well here. But gamerankings is at 79% with 21 reviews, which isn't bad.

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San anto4121d ago

lol seems this game has been a huuge let down for 360 owners will they ever see another decent rpg?

Sexius Maximus4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

It got a 9 and 8.75 from Game Informer. As an owner of the game, I think Game Informer got it right, and Gamespot got it wrong.

Gamepro loves it too:

InMyOpinion4121d ago

The PS3 doesn't even have one of it's own yet...

cloud3604121d ago

Gamesopot aint biased. they gave FF12 9/10... low

and FFX 9.5/10....fair. not biased

360Crusader4121d ago

Real funny but when will the PS3 see a rpg PERIOD.
And dont forget about Lost Odyssey guys.

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the worst4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

blue dragon ,two worlds sucks
and you know it

Anal4121d ago

Stupid game. Oh wait.............. Aahahahahahahaaaaa!!! why would anyone buy this?

BloodySinner4121d ago

I guess I'll just have to pass on this one.