Nintendo Share Slide Shows Wii May Lose Ground to PS3, Xbox

Nintendo Co., projecting record earnings on sales of the Wii game console, may see its stock slide as Sony Corp. and Microsoft Corp. counter with price cuts and easy-to-play games.

The increasing competition signals a ''sell'' for Pelham Smithers, who last month became the second of 20 analysts tracked by Bloomberg to recommend investors dump shares of the Kyoto-based company. Nintendo's stock, which rose to a record 61,800 yen last month, has gained 68 percent this year.

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TriggerHappy4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

This war is far from over it may seem. So far as am able to get new games on all three consoles, am good.

Maddens Raiders4125d ago

but the Ninty clones dare not hear it. This is a natural lifecycle for a "new" product and unfortunately Nintendo is not in the historically flattering position of being able to afford such an early "ejaculation". There is the launch, the peak, and the fall back to sustained normalized sales which is going to come much faster in the Wii's case.

This is classic Nintendo retail sales fashion: start strong, punch out kick ass (and predictable) 1st party games for a short period of time, watch public lose interest in 1 & 2, then fall back on the "nintendo" name and wait to die.

It's happened to allof their other home consoles and this one will be no different. MS and SNE are posed to move ahead fairly simply with much "bigger" technology. Unfortunately the poor little wii will have to be redesigned and re-fitted with an engine capable of breaking 100 m.p.h. ~ 161/kph.

cooke154125d ago

Oh dear god, Wii just had a the highest selling month since christmas, and PS3 barely rose after a price drop.

WaggleLOL4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

'barely rose' as in sales doubled.

Nintendo knows the stupid waggle hype is going to wind down and get old.
Sony knows the stupid waggle hype is going to wind down and get old.
Gamers know the stupid waggle hype is going to wind down and get old.

It's only Nbots who somehow think the 'future of gaming' is waving a stupid remote around in minigames.

Pet Rock

Last gen(still ongoing for the PS2) there were(are):

120 million PS2s
23 million GameCubes
24 million Xboxes

That's about 150 million console gamers. Take away the people who had more than one type of console and the 10 million people waggling away at minigames right now is nothing but a drop in the bucket.

That's why console companies like Ubisoft are milking the stupid waggle hype to fund games people will actually be buying over the next five years.

unsunghero284125d ago

Waggle is an awful, awful way to describe the Wii's motion sensing.

Then again so are "fad" and "gimmick."

And yet, i digress...

Anyway, have you checked out any Metroid Prime 3 reviews? The Wii remote is just beginning to be utilized properly, and in MP3's case it led to the best console FPS controls to date. If that won't excite gamers I don't know what will.

Rooftrellen4125d ago

"Pet Rock

I think you mean:

D pad
modern analog stick
motion control

heroman7114125d ago

are u on crack " barely rose ". their sales doubled now the monthly sales are like as much as 360, higer by like 5000 or lower by like 5000. ya i wouldnt say barely rose.

stonedog4125d ago

PS3 matches the sales of the 360 they are only standing still. They have to outsell 360 quite substantially. The Wii long term performance remains to be seen, its initial performance was impressive; but both M$ and Sony are eying the Wii market with envious eyes and they are going to try and compete.

Husso4125d ago

Double sales is barely, are you that dumb ?

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unsunghero284125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

It's doing amazingly well and the best games have yet to come.

How anyone can right now say ANYTHING negative about the Wii's future is beyond me.

-edit @below:

Three good games? I don't think so... It has probably as many hardcore games coming in '07 as the 360. Sure, the holy trinity is big, but don't forget Zack and Wiki, BWii, Manhunt 2, No More Heroes, Forever Blue, not to mention everything on Virtual Console.

Wii Play and Zelda? And you blame Nintendo for your lack of games? At this point I'd try out Super Mario Strikers (rent it at first anyway, have some friends over) Super Paper Mario, RE4, and WarioWare (if you have a party). If your Wii is broken then you can get it fixed for free by a nearby Nintendo-authorized repair shop.

heroman7114125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

well ya there is 2 things. 1) it only has 3 good games this year 2) WE DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUC IS COMING IN 08. sure u got the wii fit but i dont wanna work out while playing games. only thing i see in there that will really work u out is push ups ( i would know, i do 6 sets of 40 push ups )other than wii fit i dont know whats coming out in 08. i am a wii owner, i own wii play and zelda dont see anything good coming for a while besides mp3. waiting for supersmash bros brawl. i havent touched my wii in like 2 months and now my wii is fucing up. when i put a disc in it says it has an error, so i put it in like 3 more times until i finally get it working. thank u nintendo for giving me a console ill play for a month and then just stop

Rooftrellen4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

Oh my, uninfrmed Wii owner!

Let's list all the good games comming out for the Wii. I'll cut out the games already out, but it seems you haven't tried Super Paper Mario, RE4, or the like, which are great games.

2007: Bleach, Battalion Wars 2, Manhunt 2, Fire Emblem, Ghost Squad, Mario Galaxy, RE: Umbrella Chronicles, and there are a lot of others that you might look at, depending on your tastes (I can't wait for Trauma Center, for instance)

2008 has more games comming, but some might squeek out before the holidays are over, but you can't say no to Mario Kart either way, can you? However, you have Monster Lab, for sure, and...I can't think of the name right now, but there's a game that sounds like a combination of Harvest Moon, Civilization, and Pikmin. I'll edit if I can find it. Of course, more will come, as more and more developers come to the Wii, as well.

Edit: It wasn't hard to find that game. Since I could never hope to pronouce it in Japanese, the english translation is King Story.

TheExodus4125d ago

I think this guy's predictions are a bit off given that we're only 3 months from the beginning of the holiday shopping season & you still can't find a Wii on a shelf anywhere.

Eventually I would expect 360 & Wii to begin closing on the Wii, but when & how quickly is going to depend on what developers start doing with the hardware. Personally I wouldn't mind seeing the Tex Murphy series resurrected or perhaps a Drowned God sequel, games with story lines that compelled you to continue instead of the rash of button mashing that we've had really since Doom "revolutionized" gaming.

Anal4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

I hope it dies soon. Gamecube 1.5? Ya.

Edit: I could not give a flying CUNT about them games, trust me. I hate Kiddy shooters and Mario. He should go back to cleaning toilets. They dont do anything for me. ''''goes back to playing bioshock''''

unsunghero284125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

Just because you can't play Metroid Prime 3, Super Mario Galaxy or Super Smash Bros doesn't mean you need to beat yourself up about it...

Good job saying c*nt uncensored on a website that bans swearing.

Have fun losing bubbles.

Also, if you really don't care about any of those games then you must have some pretty bizarre tastes. Or you just hate Nintendo and haven't bothered playing any of the games or their predecessors.

-edit @ below:

Oh, wow. Did I make a mistake when I ever bothered talking to you.

You're one of those fanboys that hates the Wii and ignores all logical thought based around the console, instead just giving up and saying it's lame. Why? I sure as heck don't know.

Well, anyway, let's see: you listed 10 games for the PS3. Four are coming out in '08.

"Hardcore" Wii games coming out IN '07: Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Forever Blue, Fire Emblem, Battalion Wars II, Manhunt 2, MOH Wii, Zack and Wiki, Bleach, Umbrella Chronicles, MySims, Ghost Squad, Dewy's Adventure, NiGHTS, DBZ:BT2, and of course WiiFit (heh). Again, those are all planned for an '07 release.

Actually, I don't really think you care about what's coming out for Wii. You're probably one of those guys that think that, no matter, what, anything that comes out on Wii is inferior to anything that comes out on another console. If that's the case you're going to be pretty lonely while everyone else is having a good time with their Wiis...

heroman7114125d ago

thats the only fucing game wii has. if u say wii fit i swear i will smack u. ps3 and 360 have way better games. ps3 got warhawk, hs, ratchet and clank, folklore seems alright , uncharted, mgs4, gt5, kz2 ( u guys got NOTHING like killzone 2 ) infamous trailer looked cool, and ut3 thiis year for ps3 fans. since i dont own a 360 i dont know that many games coming out for it but i will name all i know bout. halo 3 ( aint got anything against that either ), mass effect ( looked like disappointment when u not playing it but when u do its fun like hell ) bio shock ( the game thats been getting 10s and 9s, definately dont got that ) 360 has xbox live ( i cant even connect my wii to wii connect 24, maybe cuz its wifi sucks ) ps3 has home ( go ahead and say we copied u but in the end u will realize that MII'S DONT FUCING DO ANYHTHING ). in the end wii is a drag im thinking bout selling it. go ahead and get mad at me wii fanboys cuz words cant hurt me. now i will place this vid here for u guys to watch:

wii wishes it was the ps2, ps2 was like the best console ever

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