The Art of Conan - Exclusive Interview and Artworks

When GameSpy first took a look at THQ and Nihilistic Software's Conan, they were intrigued by the game's unique, oil painted aesthetic. Just as fantasy art and the tales of Robert E. Howard's iconic barbarian hero are inseparable, so too is the unique art as much a part of Conan as the action-based gameplay. GameSpy is pleased to present their interview with Yujin Kiem, Art Director for Nihilistic Software as well as a gallery of artwork from the Conan game.

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MK_Red3674d ago

Nice artworks. The game has two important gaming features: Blood N Boobs. That's enough for me ;)

ion6663674d ago

this is a blatant ripoff of kratos and god of war,they even mimiced the way he open gates,the way he climbs,even the sea creature boss battle.this game is going to blow hard monkey balls with a side of the devils mayonaise