Rumor: Nathan Fillion in Halo 3

It seems the first, of what will no doubt be many celebrity voice overs has been revealed. Nathan Fillion aka Captain Malcom Reynolds of Firefly fame, plays a Marine in the Campaign mode of Halo 3.

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FreeMonk4125d ago

I totally agree!

Firefly was awesome as was the Serenity movie!

It just goes to show that Fox cancels all the good stuff, but continues showing crappy programs!

Nathan is also one of the most under-rated actors out there at the moment. Shame, but at least he's in Halo 3. I read in FHM that he is a big big fan of Halo!

MK_Red4124d ago

Firefly and Serenity both rocked.
Nathan rocks! He was awesome in Slither and now he's heading to Halo 3.

tonsoffun4125d ago

yeah man - I loved serenity too - one of my fave sci fi films.

WafflesID4125d ago

I just bought Serenity for HD-DVD even though I already own the DVD version.

GOD I love that movie.

Nathan Fillion was awesome for that role.

Diselage4124d ago

Nathan Fillion is just bad ass. I try to support whatever he does now, so i guess i may need to get Halo 3;)

Covenant4124d ago

Just let him say "gorram" once...

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