Lair Japanese Trailer 2

A new trailer for the highly anticipated game Lair for PS3 showing off some never before seen gameplay and cutscenes.

HD quality video after the jump.

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Maddens Raiders4098d ago

It has a look and an appeal that lends itself to be an enjoyable experience for many and maybe some difficult control issues that may deter the timid; therefore not garnering super widespread support. I can't wait to get my hands on it and make my own judgements though. For some reason I don't think I'll be disappointed.

gokuss1220024098d ago

psn id: T-BONE5000

need help with DLNA, i can see the server (my computer), but i keep getting network error when trying to access anything.

Also I need psn friends. only game I have is godfather, which doesn't really allow me gain any friends.

THX a million.

Very sorry about the off topic comment.

P.S. if anyone would be so gracious as to grant me 1 of there 5 psn game downloads, I would really appreciate it. I only have Godfather and demo's

Stray_Wulf4098d ago

If you're on Windows XP or Vista, go to Windows Media Player 11 (if you have 10 or under, update to 11) and go to Tools > Options > Library, and click the button that sais Configure Sharing. Make sure to have the "Share media to..." box checked and you should see an icon labeled "Unknown Device". Click it, then click the "Allow" button, then click Apply and you're all set. It should let you share the media from ur computer to your PS3. If you're on iMac or MacBook, go to iTunes and go to Edit > Prefferences > Sharing and check the box that sais "share library on local network". Don't set a password, otherwise the PS3 won't be able to connect to the media library.


This game looks like it will be fun, despite all the crazy reviews going around lately


psn ID: ujustlostone

see ya 'round

achira4097d ago

this game is awesome!