GameSpy Warhawk Review (4.5/5): " An excellent online action experience "

As mentioned in yesterday's Out of the Box article, Warhawk's gameplay can be very much likened to an epic game of rock-paper-scissors. For every devastating mode of combat, there's a great counter-move to be played. The game features on-foot combat as well as vehicular and aerial warfare. The game's namesake is of course the highly maneuverable and super-fast warhawk fighter plane. Taking to the skies in one of these things gives you a fantastic sense of the macro scale, while hoofing it around on foot with a sniper rifle and a bag full of hand grenades goes the other way to give a very micro-scale view of gameplay. It's this ability to fight in practically any manner that pleases you that makes Warhawk so much fun to play...

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xaphanze4123d ago

All the reviews were positive,there are no doubts left.

nasim4123d ago



The best MP game ever made

WaggleLOL4123d ago

"All the reviews were positive,there are no doubts left."

Dedicated servers provided by Sony
Users can setup their own dedicated servers
One disc can be used for an entire LAN party
Both ground an air combat - like an updated and much faster paced Battlefield
Only 40 bucks and then free to play forever
Gorgeous graphics - awesome clouds and water
Three different game modes - deathmatch, CTG, and the best one Zones!
Both standard stick and tilt control for more advanced and precise flying
No lag - ever
No framerate drops - ever
Tons of unlockable customizations as you progres up the ranks
Tons of different stats and awards - medal, ribbons, badges for a huge number of different accomplishments in the game

6.5/10 LOL, poor little Xbot Rob Smith at PSM. You went up against Wowhack and lost. Badly.

MikeGdaGod4123d ago

ima be on all night.

PSN: MikeG115

Bigmac5734123d ago

This game is getting awesome reviews! Rob Smith is probably kicking himself for fvcking PSM over.

Infernus4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Simple as that really.

Btw, Has anyone seen the pictures of the dedicated servers sites used for Warhawk? They're server racks with PS3's mounted on them lol. Looks amazing with the dozens of stacks, and with a few dedicated server placements in different regions it's no wonder this game is practically lag-free.

I dunno when this hits in the UK but will be downloading it as soon as it's available!

Shadow Flare4123d ago

It hits the UK tommorow on the psn and im just counting the hours down

And yeah lol, ive seen the warhawk servers. Its made of at least 100 ps3's stacked one on top of the other. Awesome

Kleptic4123d ago

yeah picked up the BD version around noon today...It is even more amazing than I thought it would be...the beta was pretty smooth...but there is another layer or two of polish they have put on it since then...and the sound, which was also impressive in the beta, is even better now...

The U.S. ranked servers were having some issues today least with my connection...I was able to play about 5 ranked games this evening...but as of now all the official SCEA servers seem to be down...or those that do show up, will not let me connect for some reason...I am six points from moving up in rank again...its driving me nuts...

undeniably awesome game though...

PSN: Kleptic ...and still wondering what is going on with a N4G clan...

monoknacker4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

if you're into online play and own a ps3 this game definitely looks like a must-have. I'm impressed with all thee positive reviws. Just out of interested when the psm guy played it, who did he play it with?

DrPirate4123d ago

Ok ok we get it. Our online only game is better then your online only game and it costs alot less.

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