X07: 30 minutes with Mass Effect

One of the games at PAX that Ars Technica's journalists weren't able to really sit down and enjoy was Mass Effect. Microsoft's cramped viewing area, which was just to the left of the Exhibition Hall entrance, proved to be a less-than-optimal home for Bioware's upcoming title. The short demonstrations were done every hour or so and drew a crowd of epic proportions each time.

Sadly, they were never able to arrive early enough to get a decent view. Thus, when they sat down with Bioware's Christ Priestly in a cozy, curtained lounge at X07 and mentioned their troubles, he smiled and told them that situation was about to be remedied.

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Foliage4100d ago

Some important information mentioned amongst other things:

"To conclude, Priestly dispelled rumors about the game being pushed back to December, stating that the game was on track for a November release—with an announcement of an actual day coming soon. Priestly also noted that the team was hoping to begin work on a demo once the game was completely wrapped up, and that they would try to have it available pre-release."

the worst4100d ago

this game is going sucks

Monty_The_Great4100d ago

do you like that you are ignored by 51 people now? I know you are hoping you get ignored by way more people so you can be #1 at something in your life. Anyways, well nothing, your ridiculus, it obvious that you make such fanboy comments just so people pay attention to you. I only showed your post because I wanted to see how riduculus it was, and low and behold it was far worse than I expected.

power of Green 4100d ago

You will not convince anybody how to feel about this game hell you can't even convince yourself thus comming in every Mass Effect thread posting comments like you're scared of its release. You hope its sucks I tend to ignor games I think suck but thats just me.

jcgamer4100d ago

they could have called it Mass Appeal...

Genki4100d ago

In all honesty, I'm surprised it uses UE3. The graphics make the engine look as if it could pass for UE 4 IMO. Great stuff, and I hope it plays as well as it looks.

ParaDise_LosT4100d ago

Yeah...after Bioware said that there was no doubt in my mind about this game...
This will be one to rule them all........ rule most of them....Mass Effect has competition... :P
Bioshock :O

but I for one perfer Mass Effect Over Bioshock...
Sci-Fi = :)

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