Warhawk early impressions -- say goodbye to your life

Warhawk hit the PlayStation Store yesterday and the positive reviews have been pouring in. Our review is coming as well, but in the meantime wanted to post there early thoughts on Incognito's impressive shooter. Even after there relatively short play time(5 hours), they feel confident saying that this is one of the most addictive online experiences you can have on the PS3 -- or any console for that matter.

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xbox360elitegamer4123d ago

looks like a cool game can't wait to play!

nasim4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

even an XBOT is giving in to WOWHAWK's charm

CLEARLY wowhawk is the best MP experience of all time.

I have been playing it since yesterday for a continuous 16 hours


already 200 000 people have downlaoded this game

stop the BS bots .

Warhawk is not a flop like ur Bioshock which has sold around 200 k copies worldwide despite beefed up reviews

Fisher3394123d ago

It's fun, surprsingly though only about 15k people have played on ranked servers... That will prolly change when more ppl start getting the Blu-ray disc.

Does anyone know if the stats are posted on a website? Kinda like for BF2?

Chabbs04123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

"goodbye to your life"

eLiNeS4123d ago

Glad to see there is finally a game worth playing for the PS3. Now you will see what gamers have been experiencing on Xbox Live for years. I personal have had no life for almost 6 years thanks to Xbox Live. Back to playing COD4 BeTa!!!

Have fun!

IPlayGames4123d ago

I poped it in at 12 next thing i know it was 320 and i gotta b at work @ 4.

So take a shower, eat some lunch, post on ng4 and im out

WARHAWK IS SICK come see me Masta13

Tsalagi4123d ago

It's really really fun. I just got it as was really just screwing around trying to learn the controls and map layout and got third place in my first match. I'm so glad i didn't cancel my preorder now.

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The story is too old to be commented.