Bioshock for the really poor guys

So imagine you only have your old PC and you don't have the money yet for a 360. What to do in the meantime?

The Official BioShock SM 2.0 Fix Blog offers a new version of this homebrew graphics downgrade for 2K Games' first-person shooter. The new beta 1 offers significantly improved visuals, as shown in a bunch of comparison movies they've posted. They also point the way to the Asankel Fix, a separate project working towards the same goal of making a way to play BioShock on older video cards.

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Ri0tSquad4125d ago

its awesome and anyone with out a 360 should try it to see what your missing.

duckman24704125d ago

My P4 system with 1gb ram & Nvidia 7600GS 512mb Video Card Runs and looks perfect. Infact I have seen the 360 version and it is not as clear and detailed as what my 7600gs PC puts out. The funny part is, it only has a 3.4GHz Pentium 4 w/ht and yet it still out performs the 360 console.

s8anicslayer4125d ago

thanks mart, nice to know

Rockstar4125d ago

Game runs fine on 7800 gt's if anyone is interested.