GC 2007: Hands-on with Spore

To be fair, the introductory phase of Spore could be a game in itself. In fact the cynical could argue that it already is, being highly reminiscent, in terms of basic mechanics at least, of Flow. Spore however, executes things with a lot more character on the outside and a lot more depth on the inside.

You'll start your race's millions of years of existence as we all did, as a small, vaguely useless blob floating in the ocean, just begging to have its whole potential future history wiped out at the whim of the food chain. Your blob will be pretty ill-equipped at the start, having little more than a fairly useless mouth and a tail. It will be too small to attack anything, will barely be able to get away fast enough to defend itself, and will have to eat nothing more challenging than floating sea plants while avoiding the hell out of everything else.

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