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Video: Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Gameplay with JFK *SPOILERS*

E4G: Gameplay of Zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Beware of SPOILERS. This is the ending of the game. SPOILERS. (Call of Duty: Black Ops, Xbox 360)

Update Video has been re-uploaded, enjoy :)

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Batzi  +   1552d ago
Damn it! This game will be worth every penny for sure!!!! Can't wait!
ipwnall  +   1552d ago
Batzi  +   1552d ago
I stopped playing the campaign for the Call of Duty games ever since I got introduced to COD4. I didn't play the campaigns for MW2 and World at War and I am definitely not wasting time for the campaign of Black Ops. I am interested in the multiplayer mode and that's what I'm looking forward to the most.
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Blacktric  +   1552d ago
Was gonna say the same thing. Did I just watched the ending of the campaign at the beginning of the video? If so, FU*K!
Pacman321  +   1552d ago
Heres some standard zombie gameplay
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Army_of_Darkness  +   1552d ago
WTF?!... Damn, I hope your not the cause of short games this gen....
gameraxis  +   1552d ago
well have fun playing a 30 dollar game when u paid 60... wait no, listen to me, I'm sounding harsh like u..everyone has their preferences.. i play both, usually go through the single player first (especially since this cod seems to have the best story of them all) and then multiplayer and prestige a bunch of times ( 7 in mw2) I guess what I'm getting at is ur tone, it suggests that the campaigns are crap.. the part where all ur interested in is the MP section is a fine opinionated statement, but u need a little interpersonal communication and self awareness to know how u sound to the people listening (reading) what u write, unless of course ur very passionate about the single player part of cod games sucking, and are trying to sway your opinion onto others, in which that case ur just wrong for doing so, a usual "i think" , or "imo" or "I've never liked..." etc suggests opinions, which is all u (or anyone here can offer, including myself, unless otherwise cited) but statements like that can kill the interest for someone who is very impressionable and doesn't know that everyone's comment here is ussually just an opinion unless cited... as well as mine here saying ur bashing the single player campaign is wrong, imo that could lead, slowly mind you, to the death of single player games and the rise to charges for the MP by activision if u impress enough impressionable 10 year old kids who don't know better... there are still us old school gamers (yes i'm making a steriotype based on what i observe)who love single player games, or the SP part of a game.
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Darth_Bane79  +   1552d ago
@ Gameraxis
Man wth, I got lost and stopped reading at the fourth line.. LOL, simplify dude..
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The_Claw  +   1552d ago
in case it gets removed..
heres a hd link..

Gawdl3y  +   1551d ago
"Me Dancing to 100.3 EDMONTON_.mp4"
The_Claw  +   1550d ago
thats what he renamed the file to, not me. it still got taken down which is why i uploaded it. so, your welcome dick
zeddy  +   1551d ago
looking sweet
shepowy  +   1552d ago
I would watch the vid but i'm worried i might spoil some of the campaign for myself.
Lord_Doggington  +   1552d ago
yeah it's pretty much a spoiler video for the campaign...it sucks
TacoBurrito  +   1551d ago
enkeixpress  +   1552d ago
BiggCMan  +   1552d ago
its call of duty, what story are you expecting?
coolbeans  +   1552d ago
"What story are you expecting" ?
Kind of a dumb question. I imagine it pertains to a deep cover group called "Black Ops" or is the back of the game case lying to me? :S
Blacktric  +   1552d ago
Story is much better and deeper than any other Call Of Duty game, so it's important for us.
RedDead  +   1551d ago
Cod campaign ain't shit, it's just short, good short game, the story is usually fine anyway.
plb  +   1552d ago
Should be fun! My PSN is plbelanger if anyone wants to add me. I'm picking it up on the 9th.
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AtatakaiSamurai  +   1552d ago
not buying the game or playing anytime remotely soon so meh, i don't care to seeing the ending cause to me it doesn't even matter for this series.

after looking at the vid it really looks good. looks like what mw2 should have been. not paying $60 for a cod game ever again though. great fun for when i get it at 14.99 sometime down the road during summer
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maverick1191  +   1552d ago

cant wait i only watched till he started zombie and stopped but i cant wait for black ops midnight launch here i come
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1552d ago
omg kenedyyyyyyy lol this is going to be epic
PinchoVe  +   1552d ago
and Nixon! the voice sounds exactly like Nixon's Head from Futurama! AH-Roooooooo!
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1552d ago
lool i can already see castro saying some funny lines in spanish
Jaces  +   1551d ago
"But I want it!"

lol! Didn't buy MW2 but I will be buying black ops, always enjoyed the zombie mode from World at War so I'll be playing this a lot. :D
Kevy10  +   1552d ago
That was awesome, thankyou!
dkblackhawk50  +   1552d ago
No prob :P
Chnswdchldrn  +   1552d ago
Why in christs name was this approved

faggots dont ruin this shit for me
plb  +   1552d ago
People play COD for the campaign?
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1552d ago
i played timeshift for the campaing, soo yea paople do play te campaing in cod games...
ScoobyDrew  +   1552d ago
but timeshift isn't cod...
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1552d ago
@scooby i know its just an example i think the cod campaing aint that bad...
vickers500  +   1552d ago
They don't buy the game for the campaign, but most of them do finish it at least once and would not like that one playthrough to be spoiled for them before they even get the chance to play it.
ScoobyDrew  +   1551d ago
yeah its alright, but the multiplayer GREATLY overshadows it
Trinioutsider34  +   1552d ago
I like how JFK said But I Want It!!!!
Maxned  +   1552d ago

Chnswdchldrn  +   1552d ago
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BigKev45  +   1552d ago
That is too f***in cool!!! Can't wait for the game!
hadouken007  +   1552d ago
Man o man
I'm getting that!
Fishy Fingers  +   1552d ago
Yay... spoilers in the title... f***ing idiots.
gamerdude132  +   1552d ago
I love how they say, "spoilers", though we know our side's gonna win anyway.

Still, I'm getting this just so I can be JFucK!! Badass bitches.
khamvongsa09  +   1552d ago
JFK is gonna be awesome!! To bad the DLC Map Packs are going to be priced high for this one..
FanboyAttack  +   1552d ago | Intelligent
If I saw you IRL I would kick you in the balls for spoiling the ending of the game for me.
dkblackhawk50  +   1552d ago
Hence why the title has *SPOILERS* in it...

Edit: @Fish: True but the fact that he posted the comment 3 mins ago...yeah

Edit 2: Waah waah, I really don't care to be honest. It is the people who approved it, it is their fault as well...
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Fishy Fingers  +   1552d ago
Actually "spoilers" was added to the title AFTER it was already on the homepage.

You should know, you submitted it. Poorly.

Edit: his comment time means nothing unless he refreshed the page, could of clicked on your spoiler-less headline, watched vid, then commented, your updated headline wouldnt of shown until after his post loaded.

Either way, it was a stupid submission to not clearly label from the get go.
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MAJ0R  +   1552d ago
video re-upload
here is the re-upload of the video, get it before it's taken down again

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HalfCarrot  +   1552d ago
Now I want this game...
I'm still not paying over $40 but that looked awesome!
Habylab  +   1552d ago
How is it a spoiler?
It has no context really, you don't know what that means. Only that there are new zombie characters.

Worst voice acting ever.
BlueEye  +   1552d ago
Good thing I skipped to the zombies, no spoiler for me, surprisingly I'm looking forward to the campaign. But more of the MP and Zombies!

If anyone has a PS3 and WAW (and soon Black Ops) add me, Freyzii so we can fuck up some zombies!
Habylab  +   1552d ago
My PSN is WhySoSeriousHL, feel free to add me.

Also, why does JFK look like Ken out of Toy Story?
Dellis  +   1552d ago
How is Activision getting away with slandering JFK???

I mean if you seen the video, you can tell they are

saying Illuminati run the world and JFK is part of them

along with the rest of these leaders.
MRHARDON  +   1552d ago
What makes it awesome, well once people buy the game it will be all over the news and it will sell more, people will get mad, but all it will do is make the game more popular.

Take MW2 for example...

Airport gunning level, alot of people mad=PROFIT $$
Close_Second  +   1552d ago
Gameplay looked ok...
...but when the hell are they going to update their graphics engine. COD is starting to look like a second hand car they spruce up with a new oat of paint and sell as new.

MW2 sold for $130 in NZ and there is no way I'm paying that for what simply looks like an add-on pack for MW2.
The_Claw  +   1552d ago
not really a spoiler...America wins, big shocker lol. This will probably be the only zombie map you'll get for free.
Hazmat13  +   1552d ago
people who say 'DONT WATCH!!!' are still going to buy it. lol
also the ending says like "america FUCK YA!!!" lol is the flag needed? lol
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gano  +   1552d ago
i'm not even into this shit.
but jfk wit cas was gangsta...
it actually makes me mad they got rid of him.
he was a fuckin awesome ass president
i watched that one scene 7 times.
damn i almost want to get it just for that
#28 (Edited 1552d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
im-12-years-old  +   1552d ago
Who is this they you speak of.... only one man killed him

or is that what they want us to think 0_e
gano  +   1552d ago
bubs guy.
coolbeans  +   1551d ago
Back...and to the left. Back...and to the left. BACK...and to the left. :P
wenaldy  +   1552d ago
GoldPS3  +   1552d ago
I hate when people cry over spoilers. If you watch it now you won't have to watch it when you buy the game.
irepbtown  +   1552d ago
Some people buy games for campaign. So 40 pounds (60 dollars?) gone down the drain (for a person who will only play campaign).
S4NDM4N  +   1551d ago
You're buying a COD game for its campaign?

Just rent it then.
Its not worth 6 hours of non stop scripted events with the devs shoving how they want you to play down your throat
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