1UP Wild Arms 5 Review

Like most well-crafted RPGs, Wild Arms 5 smartly gives the player immediate emotional investment in its world -- a simple premise, sure, but one far too many titles fail to execute. The story opens as Dean, a naïve, carefree amateur archaeologist, infiltrates an ancient ruin in search of lost technology.

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WilliamRLBaker4096d ago

the picture you used is of rudy from wild arms 1/Alter Code F.
There are pics available of Wild Arms 5.

djt234096d ago

nice i love Wild Arms too bad know one know about it
i am also surprise they have 5 games compare to other hot rpg that only have one games(i an not going to call out any game or company)

Timesplitter144096d ago

That picture (girl with blue hair) and plot summary look SO copied from Lunar 2!

[email protected]4096d ago

It's not a girl... that's a boy.