2008 - Year of Sony

"PlayStation 3, you will see, will be far and away the winner when you look at it by March 2008. They really, really will. It's something that is going to be a slow burner, and suddenly it's like a tsunami; it will just overtake you,"

Quote by SCEE president David Reeves in July,2007

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ps3gogetitt4125d ago

I guess you've already given up on christmas, but with mgs4 and KZ2 i guess u have a chance, a really really long shot but u still have a chance....

Jeremy Gerard4125d ago

How on earth is this news, this is some no body's opinion. As for PS3 winning, PS3 will win nothing! it is in third place to stay, it is too far behind now, three games arent going to suddenly push it to first place. The 360 will be dropping to like 200 bux in late 2008 when the PS3 gets a couple games worth playing. Price always wins out, as we can see buy the wii and its crappy game line up. You guys quit worrying about winning and just enjoy your PS3s, it doesn't matter if you "win" some silly sales war or not, unless you own stock in
Sony, who cares, just make me some dam games to play.

okcomputer4125d ago

How does saying 2008 will be a great year = "giving up on christmas"? I have both consoles and I'm looking forward to ut and uncharted more than I am halo and mass effect. I'm gong to get all four, but if I had to pick just one holiday season game right now I'd go with uncharted.

Also I don't know about the "long shot" stuff either. The 360 didn't have a single killer ap its first year either and its doing fine.

sanderFVCKINcohen4125d ago

is everyone saying FFXIII...thats in 08. You know what is the FFXIII killer app is? It is Lost Odyssey, and without a doubt will kill Final Fantasy. Also, it releases this winter!!!

strongbad14414125d ago

so what you're saying is that the gamecube actually beat the ps2?

after all, the gamecube has been at $99 for a long time now, while the ps2 is still at $130

gamerriffic4125d ago

sonys got some great games coming, MGS4, Killzone, LittleBigPlanet, all possible killer apps, if already not considered killer apps and devs are finally figuring ps3 out, so expect new exclusive titles. but thats not all thats improves there chance. their competition might not be able to pull off a 2007 all over again

the wii is aging. i baught a wii at launch.. been collecting dust since newyears.. gimmicks will only last so long, and casual gamers will only care so long.

my 360 is getting a lot of love right now, but after this year.. what? the devs cant push out sequals to another halo, or mass effect, or gears of war.

2008 Sony's year? probably.

BaMYouRDeaD4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

Lol @ NovusORDO and his "kill Final Fantasy" theory. If any game can manage to kill Final Fantasy than I will eat my hat.

Not gonna happen buddy.

Anyway, whoever made this video could have put more than 3 games (even though all three of those games look very nice). Final Fantasy XIII? FFXIII Versus? Metal Gear Online? Infamous?

ud4124d ago

lol NovusORDO
nothing will EVER kill final fantasy, it's without any doubt the best rpg franchise ever. They're at number 13 and that's for a reason =)

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KratosKilla4125d ago

Where's Little Big Planet?

InMyOpinion4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

This is 2007. Why sit and wait when you can play Bioshock, Halo 3, Mass Effect, Stranglehold, Eternal Sonata, Skate, PGR 4, Ace Combat 6, Naruto: Rise of a ninja, Timeshift, Blacksite: Area 51, Call of duty 4, Army of Two, Assassins Creed, Blue Dragon and many more this year? Some of those titles are available on the PS3 as well, so quit whining. 2007 has been the greatest year in gaming so far. Even though you have games like Warhawk, which looks great, you keep waiting lol! If anything, you should be looking forward to Ratchet & Clank and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Two top titles that are due this year. Focus on what's now instead of what's coming up.

fenderputty4125d ago

2008 will be much better for Sony. Hopefully another price drop will come. I'm sure we'll see a constant supply of new titles also. This year saw a major drout in new games. Either way, I'm looking forward to drakes fortune and LBP this year. Next year there's more.

SpenserTracy4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

Yes there is already are lots of great games for the PS3.

VaeVictus4125d ago

I'll give you credit for TRYING not to sound like a fanboy, but both systems have some very solid titles coming down the pipe this year. There is no waiting. The summer of 07 was painfully dry for all 3 consoles.

Keowrath4125d ago

I usually agree with what you have to say mate but 2007 being the greatest year in gaming? I don't think I can agree with you there.

WaggleLOL4125d ago

Bioshock - Anyone who gives a crap about the game can just play the better pc version

Halo 3 - Last gen garbage, crappy and laggy P2P networking, crap + millions in marketing is still crap

Mass Effect - Getting slammed in previews. Should have spent less time on making bogus marketing shots of close ups of faces than making a good game. BioWare has been in steady decline since the Baldur days

Stranglehold - Just play the PS3 version with the free BluRay HD movie

Eternal Sonata - Colorful but meh, people will just pick up the PS3 version

Skate - Yawn, just play it on your PS3

PGR 4 - LOL! 1080p 60fps GT Prologue in 2007 vs PGR LOL!

Ace Combat 6 - Wow, you actually put a flight sim in a console game list. LOL

Naruto: Rise of a ninja - Crap

Timeshift - Just play the PS3 version

Blacksite: Area 51 - Meh, just play the PS3 version

Call of duty 4 - Meh, just play the PS3 version

Army of Two - Meh, just play the PS3 version

Assassins Creed - Crap, just play the PS3 version

Blue Dragon - Crap

LOL! What a complete joke of a list for the Dreamcast 360.

Who the hell other than a pathetic Halo fanboy would:

* Buy a system just to play a crappy looking game like Halo 3

* That you have to pay 50 dollars just to be able to play online?

* That is the worst hardware ever made knowing that your system is going to die if you use it

* The sounds like a damn jet engine when it is turned on playing games

* That the system will scratch and destroy your game discs

* That can't handle modern 1080p TVs and instead has upscale games that are running in low resolution

* That is dead in two of the three gaming regions with publishers already starting to cancel games like VF5 due to poor sales in certain regions

The 360 is selling to the exact same pathetic Halo fanbase in the US and is dead in the rest of the world.

Fux4Bux4125d ago

What? Here's the games not on PS3 on that list:

360 - Bioshock, Halo 3, Mass Effect, Eternal Sonata, PGR 4, Ace Combat 6, Naruto: Rise of a ninja, Blue Dragon.


PS3 - Warhawk, Lair, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, GT Prologue, Eyetoy games, UT3, and Haze.

Even the 07 lineup is about dead equal buddy with 08 being hands down Sony.

Daishi4125d ago

Why does no one ever mention C&C3. It made my summer and I'm still playing it more than just about any other game that is already out. I would completely agree that 2007 has been the greatest year in gaming since 2004 with Half-Life 2, San Andreas, and Halo 2. Plus it doesn't hurt that the third game in a trilogy of the best multiplayer games in history is coming out this year as well (of course I'm referring to Super Smash Bros.)

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Goshyujin_Sama4125d ago

does look quite promising for Sony I must say. With AAA exclusive titles like FF13, MGS4, MGS-O, GT5, LBP, and White Night its not hard to see that if Sony is ever gonna have a chance to reclaim thier spot as King once more 2008 is the time to do so.

progx4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

crap made by some SPG [email protected] is not news.

EDIT: yes spenser...I do. Thanks for telling everyone...:(

SpenserTracy4125d ago

Do you have tourettes syndrome?