F1 2010 Patch #1 Released

WSA writes: "Users are starting to report promptings to download a patch/update for F1 2010. So far the only confirmed platform has been the PlayStation 3, but we’re sure the Xbox 360 and GFWL/Steam aren’t too far behind! Stay tuned as we’ll update this as we find out more."

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Heart1lly2543d ago

Ah oh, hope they get that sorted out soon!

SynGamer2543d ago

Indeed. It appears the patch has fixed quite a few issues, though a handful of users are currently testing it out and reporting their findings.

Jake3602542d ago

Apparently wet weather hasn't been fixed so there better be a second patch!

monkey nuts2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

My bro bought this for his 360 the week it released. Yesterday after 20+ hours spent on the single player his saves wouldn't load due to them corrupting. Bugs in retail games are a feature of this gen that should end this gen and not be taken to the next.

nix2542d ago

the pit stop issue is still there.. most of the time you'll be placed below 19th place after pit stop. what a waste.

SynGamer2542d ago

If a lot of cars are pitting at the same time as you, naturally your crew is going to hold you to avoid contact. Sounds like you need to up your race distance %age ;)

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level 3602542d ago

I'm still not sure why F1 2010 is cheaper than 2010 FIA-WRC whether it be on the XBox360 or PS3..

kevin360uk2542d ago

Tested the PS3 version, and yes some fixes have been made, some have NOT and FFB has been f***ed up for both dual shock controllers and steering wheels