Philips chief talks HD sales, 1.5 millions Blu-ray players sold, 300,000 HD DVD

Wolfgang Schlichting, an analyst in Miami covering the optical disc drive market for International Data Corp., said Blu-ray players held a commanding lead over HD DVD primarily because of the success of Sony's PlayStation 3. In stand-alone players, HD DVD, whose players are made by Toshiba, has a slight edge over Blu-ray, Schlichting said.

According to the Digital Entertainment Group, which promotes the Blu-ray format, there are roughly 1.5 million Blu-ray players, including Sony's PlayStation 3, in the U.S. market versus about 300,000 using HD DVD, including Microsoft's Xbox 360 device.

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TriggerHappy4122d ago

1.5 million blu-ray players ? and with over 2 million Ps3's sold, how does this work exactly ?

power of Green 4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

Only if there was a way to figure out if every PS3 owner even has a HDTV to play Movies in HD. In a sense you might as well count every 360 as a HD-player even though not everybody has a HDTV, get it?. I guess you could count ever console thats able to play DVD's as a DVD player does it prove anything? not really.

TriggerHappy4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

Blu-ray is not a seprate add on for PS3, the thing is built "in" on the PS3. So if you are going to cound the number of blu-ray players sold, shouldn't that directly reflect the number of sold PS3's ?

Maybe am dumb..welp?

nasim4122d ago

just like HD DVD

your x360 will also die soon

Loudninja4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

Yeah, really.

heroman7114122d ago

this aint accurate. there are like almost 4 million ps3s sold

Douglasp4122d ago

Also this is where #'s get wierd. 1.5 to 300k means there are 5 times more blue ray to HD, but it only outsells it 2:1 in software sales. 800k to 1.6mil. That measn attach rate is 1.066 for every blue ray compare to 2.66 for HD dvd. Since the blue ray has 5 times more then HD it should be killing it by software sales of over 4 times more but it isn't. My conclusion, no one really cares about hd or blue ray other than the fanboys of each group.

cuco334122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

but we know it's not. and quite frankly even if these numbers are true it just reassures all other numbers that BD isn't doing as well as many think it is. HD DVD is making strides (amazon alone has #1 electronics being the hd-a2 and it recently sold out, 10 hd dvd movies in top 50 sales, etc) the para/DW announcement only strengthened itself. many believed (including myself) with the ps3 that BD would decimate HD DVD but it hasn't and i think it never will. i think BD will become UMD2. i mean the BDA group and sony have dropped the ball. PS3 was supposed to be the leading player for BD and we see sales for ps3s aren't amazing. attachment rates are poor. software sales are almost negligible. and the fact that price point will be in favor of HD DVD, unfinished BD specs, etc only means this xmas is going to be a make or break for BD but strive for HD DVD. that is unless sony and BDA get on the move and drop a bomb next week at CEDIA

sadly for BD fanboys, CEDIA is expected to be where warner says 'hd dvd exclusive'. BD and the PS3 had the chance to overtake overall HD movie sales and console sales if they just priced the system 100-200 less. sure it's a bigger initial loss but think if BD caught on big time? thnk of the vast $ sony would make on the format alone

think about it fellas... the cheapest HD DVD plaayer is the HD-A2 (i got it, tv does 720p/1080i, no need for the higher end model to do 1080p) at 240 on amazon. say you want a good upconverting dvd player like an oppo unit, it'll set you back roughly 150-175 easy to play SD DVDs upconverted. now amazon has a special now, buy any hd dvd player and receive 3 free HD DVD movies from amazon plus the 5 toshiba's giving out. figure $20-30 a movie makes the HD-A2 cost $0-50!!!!!!!!

if you are neutral and don't own HD movies or are thinking of HD DVD, here's your perfect chance. if you are a BD fanboy, here's your perfect chance to go neutral. if you can't see past that awesome deal, then be a pathetic troll all you want. even if HD DVD were to die (highly unlikely) you still have a good upconverting DVD player that cost less than the cheaper ones that don't do as good a job. win-win.

and for anyone who disagrees, tell me what's wrong about getting into HD movies or going neutral that'll cost you anywhere from nothing to $50?

Rageanitus4121d ago

imo is artificial at the moment

HD-dvd players and blu-ray players (standalone) are only purchased by the enthusiasts.

Honestly the hd-dvd camp has too little capable players out there and the ppl who own these devices tend to by alot since they are first movers... which skews the stats of attach rate in favor of hd-dvd. And we know that the xbox addon is not doing that hawt because most xbox fanboys complain about costs, hence most of them do not buy the addon.

On the blu-ray side is a great mixture of casual watchers and enthusiasts. and there are alot more capable players out there. Not everyone that owns a ps3 buys movies. 60 percent of ps3 owners dont know about blu-ray capablity (hence there is opportunity). With this in mind the attach rate stats go against the current attach rate.

In conclusion hd-dvd still has a longgggg ways to go while blu-ray has the potential to open eyes of the 60 percent potential media buyers (casual market)

In the end, blu-ray is still selling 2 to 1 and thats what really counts.

For those ppl who use t he argument that the attach rate is awful for blu-ray, it just shows that 1) you have not taken statistics classes 2) were not that good in statistics.

Rooftrellen4121d ago

But the attach rates are important, and saying the bluray side has casual movie watchers is totally false.

If I am a casual viewer, and I go to the store, and I can either spend $250 or $450 to watch a movie in HD, why would I spend the extra $200? The only reason to spend that extra money is if you're very interested in the slight edge in memeory to bluray, which most people don't care about, and most people agree makes no difference in quality (in fact, I hear HD DVD looks and sounds better more than I hear people say it about bluray).

HD DVD has more casual movie viewers than hardcore enthusiasts because its more affordable. Bluray has the hardcore movie/AV freaks who think the extra space makes it superior. You simply think that about HD DVD because of the vocal minority, but going by just what you hear, the 360 failure rate is anywhere from 95-99%, just because the vocal minority speak out (with good reason, but it's still a minority).

Simple fact, though, that anyone who just wants to play movies in HD will get an HD DVD player, while someone who really believes they need the extra space will get the bluray player, but that's not the casual movie watcher (unless it is a PS3 owner).

It also matters that 60% of PS3 owners don't even know about bluray. That shows a huge amount of apathy toward the format when you can't avoid being told PS3 has bluray. You have to really not care at all about it, either because you want/own an HD DVD player, or because you don't have an HD TV.

The war is far from over, if only because the majority of people don't even have an HD TV yet, but things are not looking good for bluray right now.

cuco334121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

damn dog, you couldn't reveal how much of a BD fanboy your are bro. at least you brought some interesting arguments, although in my book very very biased.

attachment rate is massive for studios. it shows them exactly what people are using it for. if it were solely BD players vs HD DVD players and they showed BD players to have 4-5 times more attachments per player then it's easy to understand that BD has momentum going forward and growing. the fact that it has under 1 proves that the PS3 ISN'T what sony was tooting it's horn about. not going to knock it, it is the best player on the market now. all BD players due to be sold in Q4 will be obsolete the second BD1.1 is released and this trend will follow as soon as BD2.0 is released after. in other words, all those extra features you'ld have you can't utilize unless you have the only upgradeable machine OR wait until later on and get one that can be upgraded via firmware. studios see that PS3 is guided more towards gamers and they may sell a handful of BD movies but the masses that the studios will bank on are the ones that buy many movies hence the attachment rate is a glimpse to the future.

btw, ps3 is also picked up by enthusiasts, those who are sony fanboys and those who want the best BD player on the market longterm. avs has a lot of neutral guys who bought the ps3 for it's upgradability and not for gaming.

hd dvd players all are upgradeable. all of them. how is that being 'too little capable'? to me it's BD standalones that aren't capable.

i'll let u in on a little something... price and content are the ultimate deciding factors. content is roughly neutral, depending on what movies you like and will continue to grow with time. price only shrinks with time and as of now hd dvd has the advantage. there are TONS of people who on hdtvs that don't do 1080p so why bother paying 3 times as much for a good 1080p player when you can 'cheap' out for a good low cost unit like the 360addon (not my choice) or the hd-a2. with the deal i mentioned it makes it obvious to go the hd dvd route for starting in the HDM realm at a low cost or go neutral to get all movies. in the end, dvd still reigns due to cost.

"In the end, blu-ray is still selling 2 to 1 and thats what really counts." it's actually just a hair under 1.5 to 1. remember when you sony guys were preaching 6 to 1 and 8 to 1? yeah... 1.5 to 1. that's with 10 times more players which only spells trouble

and to end, my profession deals with data and numbers. sadly you don't learn everything in class but even a basic statistician will tell you that it's even and faaaaaaaaaaar too close to pick a winner. unfortunately for you, your biased views skew your judgment on how well your BD is doing ;)

THUNDERMARE4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

No matter what, attach rate or how HD-DVD out sell Blu-ray in term of movie sell ratio to hardware. Bru-ray still out sell HD-DVD in a 2:1 scale and that's a fact. The attach rate ratio only matter when HD-DVD manage to sell as much hardware as Blu-ray. In the mean time, investors will only look at the actual movie sold, not the ratio.

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