Get 2 Free Kinect Games at Times Square

E4G: With all the buzz going around Kinect, if you are planning on going to Times Square in New York, New York, you will be in for a wonderful surprise.

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Hitman07692638d ago

Wow this is an interesting bash, I wish Sony would have done something like this for the Move launch!

goldensfree2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

being the first fangirl or that Sony would rather spend cash on games we want ta play. Seriously five mins wit anything out of the kinect line up (cept the dance one if i was drunk nough) is punishment enough. No wonder their giving em away.

lowcarb2638d ago

What games? Announcements don't count without release dates.

rroded2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

name two games your hyped about playing on kinect n why.

like for example resident evil gold my first playthru wit me wife havin a blast. coops the shit wit a couple moves. We got sports n tumble too both freaking great. Sports is all the work out i want inna game n the kids like it. Tumbles a bitch cause my wife pawns.
Anyways enjoy your kinatamils n cheap wii knock offs. Dont forget ta pay for your second rate online service.

Funny thing is all the comments here are like omg the sony fans are gonna rage. Yet its like forever since it was posted and im the only one here. Seriously your worst bunch of trolls ive ever seen. N ive been around ;)

Jaces2638d ago

Wish I could keep that 2 free game deal so I could put it towards something better than the lineup they have now.

lowcarb2637d ago

I will name 5 I'm excited about. star war, code name d, steel battalion, child of eden, and panzer orta.

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Mystogan2638d ago

sony fanboys don't want free stuff?

JasonPC360PS3Wii2638d ago

No Sony fanboys want to bash MS for charging for things then bash MS for giving away freebies.

Zachmo1822638d ago

Yep it's like you never win with them. If they charge you for stuff its cause microsoft is money hungry. If they give free stuff they're desperate.

Bigpappy2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

But I don't want to comute to time sqr after work. Good deal though.

3,000 Kinects are a lot for 1 store. Looks like M$ may be holding out on pre-orders to make sure there are some on the shelves at launch. Either that or those 14mil lens mods were fited into shells really fast.

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meiamsome2638d ago

Interesting........ But will it be enough to make up for not having a first person shooter still?

FordGTGuy2638d ago

Yes it is not a good controller for FPS, although truthfully neither is the normal controller, however aren't you the guys complaining that all there is on Xbox is FPS?

Now that they are try something different your complaining about the lack of FPS? How does that make any sense?

Personally I want to see a very well thought out drop down RTS for Kinect.

BetaChris2638d ago

Spend $150 on a Kinect, and get $150 worth of gaming goodness for free - as if I wasn't already excited enough about going to the Kinect NYC launch event, this takes my level of excitement to a completely new level!

Hitman07692638d ago

Yeah free stuff definitely rocks hard.

Lyr1c2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Well here you go sir. A nice fresh batch of the Herpes along with a side dish of HIV!

I'd assume you'd want that as much as you'd want free Kinect games.

I sure do.

gigaware2638d ago

Yes this thing is huge. I agreed with you but it gave you a disagree. Too many people waiting around for kinect news on N4G.

Hitman07692638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

lol that made no sense gigaware.

@disagrees to my statement "I wish Sony would have done something like this for the Move launch!"

okay so people don't want free stuff i guess for move launch? LOL...

Wow sony fanboys?

gigaware2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Sometimes this site malfunctions with too much traffic in a article. I hope you understand now. Was what I said really worth a disagree or hostile replies? This article went from 15 minutes old to 210 degrees on the front page in minutes on Saturday night.

Motorola2638d ago

I go to Manhattan everyday. this is cool.

tatotiburon2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

sony have a marketing department?? i mean really?...if somebody make a top list of the most unwanted gadget this holidays, move will be on top..

bububu but they not need to spend 500millions, their mouth to mouth campaign is working...yeah riiight

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