Tiger Woods 08: Freeze Bug Discovered; Patch Coming

As Andy noted in his review of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08, there's a lock-up bug in the Henrietta Brockway event in the Tiger Challenge. The loading screen between the second and third holes freezes up, forcing gamers to reboot their Xbox 360.

We contacted EA, which confirmed the existence of the bug and the company provided a workaround: Hold down the A button while launching the game from the dashboard. [Ed. note: Since this story was first posted, we tried this method out, which enabled us to get past the freeze-up spot and complete the event.]

A fix to this bug is addressed in a patch that has already been sent to Microsoft for certification, which means it should be available soon.

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RadientFlux4122d ago

Looks like they should have delayed the x360 version along with the PS3 version

tiggerwoods4122d ago

You said to hold A button when launching from the dashboard, do you mean the IN GAME dashboard, of the tiger challenge, or hold A from the actual xbox 360 dashboard when booting up the game. I've tried both and haven't had any success so far. Could you give some ideas as to what I might be doing wrong? I've gotten extremely frustrated with this glitch...