The Fight: Lights Out - Danny Trejo Interview

Actor Danny Trejo, whose animated character is a coach in "The Fight: Lights Out" title set for release on November 9.

"I love that this gets you up off the couch and into action," said Trejo, whose easy smile and friendly manner were in sharp contrast to the hard guy roles he has acted out on screen in films like freshly released "Machete."

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Newtype2695d ago

Looking forward to this game.

KILLERAPP2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

MACHETE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just for him ill buy a move…

TheLastGuardian2695d ago

Danny Trejo is a bad ass. I would buy this game but I only have 1 move for now. I'm excited to find out theres going to be a new harold and kumar movie coming out and Dannys going to be in it.

morganfell2695d ago

Yeah pretty cool to hear him say this. He was a boxing champ at San Quentin. He walked backwards into a stand in role as an extra on Runaway Train and was also hired to train the actors for a boxing match.

PopEmUp2695d ago

If Playing Yakuza with move will be like

user83971442695d ago

Machete was awesome. But he should of stayed as a federale in mexico.

clearelite2695d ago

I'll probably be picking this game up. One of my friends worked with Danny and he's actually a really cool dood. He's done a lot to help rehabilitate people that have been in trouble with the law/drugs, etc. So, I'm glad they have this guy helping promote this game rather than some shmuck. See you in the ring Mr. Trejo.

BYE2695d ago

"This bar is for bikers and truckers only. You...GET OUT!"

He's a legend :D

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