Rumour: Wii To Have Advanced Voice Recognition?

A supposed insider leaks information about some features that could pop up in upcoming Wii games. Advanced voice recognition? Click read full story for details.

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SjaakHaas4509d ago (Edited 4509d ago )

This reminds me of yelling to my DS:

"blue.... blue .... BLUE.... BLUE, GOD DAMN IT! ...."

*pling*, your brain age is ... 58!

OutLaw4509d ago

The same here. I heard maybe I should try to say brue. I'll try it later.

OutLaw4509d ago

Just tested the Brain Age an it is brue. So everytime blue color comes up say Brue it works.

Lostboy4509d ago

Nintendo are even more the geniuses I thought they were... brilliant!!

ChickeyCantor4509d ago (Edited 4509d ago )

opera software on pc also has voice thingy,
so you dont need to type.
O GREAT i said 4 not four!

kewlkat0074509d ago (Edited 4509d ago )

I had to do that with "brain age" too.LOL I'm sure its an extension of that DS component.

Doesn't Microsoft has some type of technology like that for PC's? hmmm I wonder in the future?Xbox 360 anyone??