GamingExaminer: Playstation MOVE Review

Gaming Examiner, reviews the Playstation Move.

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blackburn52852d ago

It's pointless trying to explain that Move isn't just a Wiimote. Gamers these days heads are made of concrete that no logic can penetrate.

T9X692852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

It's a very precise Wiimote. They do the same exact thing and even look very similar, the PS Move just does it right. There's nothing to explain beyond that.

@Fooltheman - Oh boy and Wii has a sensor, and Eyetoy doesn't have 3 cameras like Kinect. Of course they have there differences, but they are both built for the same purpose, one just does better than the other.

Lyr1c2852d ago

Besides the dimensional difference? That's a huge point that needs to be made.

One way you can move along the X and Y axis, the other you can move in the X, Y, AND Z axis. There's a huge difference between the two.

fooltheman2852d ago

ehm you should really seek more info...
They Do have differences...
A hint, the camera

jneul2852d ago

^^ don't forget augmented reality, object modelling and virtual reality, some people like to play down how good the move is!!

PopEmUp2852d ago

one thing that set the move different from Wii is the accuracy

acky12852d ago

Move is very similar to Wii. Forget about the specs for a sec and think about how you use it to control games...obviously they are very similar...

I don't understand why you're all being so defensive?
Being compared to Wii is not a bad thing...has no one here had any fun with the Wii at all?

acky12851d ago


Judging by that response I guess the Wii is a piece of shit with no fun games at fanboys are awful on here.

Lyr1c2851d ago

Move plays similar to the Wii, but not exactly the same.

Like I said. In one, you can move on a 2D plane. In the other, you can move in a 3D plane.

Megaman 3 vs Megaman Legends

Metal Gear (NES) vs Metal Gear Solid (PS1)

The 3rd dimension adds a whole new....well...Dimension!
Games can do so much more with the Z axis.

Watch that. It'll become clear to you.

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N4Great2852d ago Show

''Gamers these days ''

You mean Fanboys. Gamers understand perfectly.

JoeReno2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

Good review. I love Move, but the one thing that i dont agree with is using it to roll thru the xmb. It takes a while to get use to the trigger pull to get to where you want to go, but other than that the review is spot on.

The real killer2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

"It's a very precise Wiimote. They do the same exact thing and even look very similar, the PS Move just does it right. There's nothing to explain beyond that"

Why are you trolling?

Nintendo was the only one release those gimmick, Sony was developing it 10 years ago.

"PlayStation Move was only really unleashed on the gaming media at E3 2010, which represented the first chance for journalists to flail around with a wand in their hand playing the likes of The Fight: Lights Out, SingStar Dance and Sorcery.

You might be surprised, then, to discover that at least part of the Move tech is kind of old news. Like 10 years old.

Sony had publicly demoed a fairly basic version of the Move technology at the now defunct European game trade show ECTS back in the summer of 2000. Take a look at the below screen. Recognise that big bulbous wand thing he's holding"

Remember the PS Eyetoy? you know games with no controller.
I think we that the PS EYE has a secret feature we don't know yet ;)

Those are facts that Sony allready have the tech, so it's not just a rippoff from Wii Mote it's a brand new tech, that's why it takes 10 years develop times.

Next time, please not trolling and get your facts.
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - -------

"@Fooltheman - Oh boy and Wii has a sensor, and Eyetoy doesn't have 3 cameras like Kinect. Of course they have there differences, but they are both built for the same purpose, one just does better than the other"

It call a infrared sensor, the Move doesn't have that that's why it use the camera.

The purpose is that Move can allot more than just swingen like a Wii Mote, it's realtime and that's make big differends.

The EyeToy can the same like Kinect, it is how they works not just nummbers cameras in the device.

I don't no why i get those disagree, but those fanboys who disagree with me with no facts or give some proof.

The facts is that Sony started 10 years ago, those are the facts.
----------------------------- ------------------------------- -------

Her is a link for more specifications

T9X692852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

Um I know the facts, I'm not trolling. It's very obvious Sony got their design for Move from the Wiimote, they look damn near identical even if they had the Tech first, Nintendo had the design first. You can throw the tech talk around all you want, but it comes down to gameplay. I've played both, and physically they're the same exact experience, the Move just isn't laggy as hell like the Wiimote.

@JoeReno - I said physically for a reason, you should have quoted that. You hold them the same, you swing and move them the same, and they even operate the same. It's just the gameplay experience that has the magnificent change where Wiimote is a laggy POS, and Move isn't.

Also @The Real Killer - I don't care who had the tech first, what's behind the tech, how long it took to create, etc. I'm not a tech person, sure I've read about it, but it doesn't effect me. I care about if it's interesting, fun, when is it available, how much is it, how is the gameplay experience. I care about the gameplay the most, I don't give a rats ass if MS, Sony, or Nintendo had some uber tech chip that cost 50 billion dollars, if the gameplay sucks, I don't want it, and wont care about it.

JoeReno2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

While I agree Move is not laggy, I disagree that they are "Physically the exact same experience" because of the fact that one is not laggy, and one to one in a 3d space

Edit.. Sorry read over a key word there. Fixed the quote

Seferoth752852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

Never had any lag issues with the Wii remote and motion plus. Sorry but Move is nothing but a Wii remote for fanboys who never played the Wii.

I've played it and seen many a video that backs that fact up. Havent seen a Heavy Rain video yet where the person playing didnt have to repeat moves many times to get them to register.

Some of you Sony fanboys are just complete morons. Sony had the tech first? Is that why it took them 4 years after the Wii remote to release it? Of course they didnt have the tech, if they did it would have been out years ago. That's just PR BS for fools and morons.

It is also funny to see how many of you never touched a Wii. Cant read in 3D space? Is that why when I sniper in COD I move the remote closer to the screen to zoom in? Yeah I'd love for one of you ignorant trolls to explain how it does something you claim is impossible for it to do.

These posts only back up my point. The only people impressed by Move never played a Wii beyond Wii Sports.

I guess I can use Tigerwoods as proof the Move is inferior to the Wii remote since trolls and fanboys want to act like Wii Sports is it for Motion controls on Wii.

Nintendo started work on the Wii remote in 2000. Sony started in 2001. Those are the facts kids.

You poor delusional fanboys need to pull your heads out of Sony a$$ long enough to learn wtf you are talking about.

Hell most of you are too stupid to even comprehend that the Wii uses a camera too. It's built into every Wii

JoeReno2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )


I stand corrected. Wii tracks forward and backward, and while my experience with the wii is limited, I have spent some time with it. Wiisports, and I know the boxing was had lag issues. It was enough time for me to know I wouldnt be making a purchase.

visualb2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

seriously. the guy keeps hitting the same note, just ignore him if he can't understand your arguments

PS Move research was possibly in development before the Wii mote, if not, at least at the same time.

PS Move works very differently from the Wii mote

the PS move is far superior to the wii mote in terms of tracking.

if he can't process this information, then give up, it isn't a matter of convincing, he's dead set on the idea and won't budge, even with blatant proof = arguing with a door

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xg-ei8ht2852d ago

Wii is ok.
Kinect sucks
Move rules.


WhitePolish2852d ago

Wii is ok
Kinect is ok
Move is ok
xg-ei8ht suck

bennyace2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Move rules with all the awesome games it has for it!!! /s.

The best game is Sport Champions, basicly a tech demo. And you're trying to convince us that Move rules! And I'm sure you already played Kinect to know that it sucks also! I've sais it before, it's one thing to have the tech but it's another to make good games for it. And I think that Sony and Microsft are probably realising that right now.

Anyways, Fanboys of both PS3 ans 360 camp were calling motion controllers a gimmick when the Wii came out. And nobody was talking who had the tech first and that the Move had been in developpement for X years, 4 years ago. Tbh I'm pretty sure that the Move or Kinect would've never came out if the Wii hadn't been successful the it is.

btk2852d ago

In terms of the gamers perception, Move is a precise upgraded Wiimote. In terms of the tech, it is very different, but the gameplaying experience is similar.

In terms of the gamers perception, Kinect is an upgraded EyeToy. In terms of the tech, it is very different, but the gameplaying experience is similar.

In terms of games, different controllers for different games. Racing - get a steering wheel. Hack & slash, tennis, golf - get a wand controller like Move or Wiimote. Some titles work well with EyeToy / Kinect camera devices, some don't.

Question is - what will the next controller scheme after the camera and wand controllers look like?

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